Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, Let Your Seed Grow In Me

Dear Lord,
Your Word Is Blessed Seed!
I Pray That In My Soul
It Be Welcomed Indeed
Finding Fertile Soil
Not Stony Ground
So That At Life's End
You Won't At Me Turn Away 
With A Dread Denying Frown!

Let Your Seed Blade
Blossom And Grow!
Let Fair Stalks Of Grain
Be Not Ornamental
But A Food Source
That You Are Blessed To Own!
Let Your Heart Sing
Let Heaven Rejoice
That This Sinner Saved
Will Be Redeemed By The Conquering Christ
At The Trumpet Blast
At The Day Called Last!

Until That Day
Dear Lord, Bless Me
To Stand For Gospel Truth
Not Opinion
Not Theory!
Not Flights Of Fancy 
Colored Rainbow Bright
But Truth
Filled With Holy Spirit Insight
So That I May Walk In Your Eternal Light!

Grant Me The Grace For Today
Today's Measure Of Faith, Too!
Grant Me Wisdom And Understanding
The Peace That Passes Understanding, True!
Bless Me With Salved Eyesight
Tried Gold
And A Righteous Robe
Made Special For Me By You
And Grant Me The Courage I Need
To Go On My Errands For You!

I Am Your Child!
Let Me Be To You A Servant True!
Let Me Honor Your Holy Name
As I Live And Speak Joyously Of You!
I Seek Not Man's Baubles
Nor His Costly Array
But I Seek To Do Your Bidding, Lord
So Please Bless Me
As In Faith
I Walk The King's Highway
Now And For Always!

I Love You, Lord
And I Make My Petition
In The Blessed Name Of Jesus Christ
Who For Me Died On That Cruel Cross!