Thursday, October 6, 2016

PRAYER Of A Contrite Heart

Thou God Seest Me
Not As I Am
But How In Christ Jesus I Can Be!

Oh, Holy God
Which Inhabitest Light
Because Of Thy Grace
Through Jesus Christ
I Can Forsake The Night!

Most Glorious God
Who Didst Sacrifice Thy All
So That I -  A Vile Sinner
May Be Cleansed Of The Stench Of The Fall
I Bless You!
I Love You!
I Honor The Great Name
And Seek Not For My Self
Nor Fame!

I Come, Dear Father
Repenting Of Known Sin
I Know That You Who Inhabit All Ages
Will Never Permit The Unrepentant
Your Holy Presence To Enter In!

I Know,  Dear Lord
That To The Public
I May Pretend To Be All Holy And Clean
They Don't Know 
Of My Committing Public Sin
Because Of The Lying Impression
People Will Believe That I Will
Your Glory Enter In
But, Lord
You Don't Look At My Externals
You Look Deep
Into The Heart Of Me
And If My Heart
Is Not In Line With Your Word, Lord
From Your Presence
Is What I Will Be
For Ever
For Eternity!

So, Lord
Accept This Offering
As My Prayer Of Confession!
Accept, Dear Lord
My Repentance For My Sin
As My Contrite Heart's Mournful Apology!

I Beseech You, Dear Lord
In The Name Of Jesus Christ The Righteous King
Whose Eternal Merits I Claim
To Help Me To No More To Walk
In The Ways Of The Wicked And Vain
To Help Me To Disclaim The Ways
Of Presumptuous Self-righteous Humanity!

Pity Me, Dear Lord
- For I Can Never Pity Myself Enough -
And Help Me To Do Right
To Live Right
To Walk Right
So That In The Great Day
I Will Be Well Rid
Of This Moldering
Tabernacle Of Dust
And Put On Your Promised Gift
Of Incorruptible Immortality!

Help Me, Dear Lord
To Always Keep The Life Of My Lord Christ
In Clear And Unobstructed Plain View
That I May Be Changed Into The Divine Likeness
So That
At The Appointed Time
I May Reside 
In The Heavens And The Earth Made New 
Eternally With You!

Lord, I Give You Praise!