Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Presumption Is A Sin! + PRAYER: Father, I Hear You!

The Leaders Of Today
Are Like King Saul In The Prophet Samuel's Day
Fearing The People We Could Say
The Word Of The Lord
They Doth Flagrantly Disobey!

There Is No Excuse For Presuming
Upon The Mercies Of The Living God
For He Gives Mercy Freely
As Protection Against The Cruel Fraud!

Presumption Is Sin
The Protection Of Holy Angels We Lose
The Holy Spirit
Is Grieved Away
Leaving Us To Howl At The Moon
When Evil Spirits
With Our Mind Gaily Play!

The Lord Said: "Don't!"
The People In Lust Of Heart Say: "By All Means Do!"
Thus The Godly Word Is Denigrated
The Word Of Sin Is Borne Aloft
In Vile Arrogance
At The Living God Does Scoff!

And God ...

When Man Has Gone Too Far Left
To Ever Be Considered Right
Sends The Word With The Prophet:

"You Are Rejected!
I Find In You No Delight!"

Then The Man
Who Had All The Power
In Crocodile Tears
Of Despair
Is Willing To Skin Cuffings
So That He Can Still Keep The Power
Get The Perks And The Pay!

God Has A Line
That No Man Should Ever Cross!
That Is The Line Of Presumption
Because He Is One Chosen
That God Will Fawningly Permit
Malicious Sin
To Get A Free Pass!

So ...

A Word To The Wise
Should Ever Be Sufficient
On This Day
For The Sin Of Presumption
We Are Assuredly Going To Pay!

God Is Not Blind!
God Wears No Glasses!
God Has No Rolling Walking Stick!
God Does Not Play Favorites
And Burnt Offerings
Won't Make The Living God
His Lips Of Fire To Lick!

If God Says: "Do!"
Our Job Is To Say:"Doing!"
If We Don't Know How To Proceed
We Are To Say To The Lord:

"Father, Please Show Me How
This Race To Run?!"

And ... The God

Who Sends Us
Will Show The Way
Provide All 
That Is Needed
With His Desires To Faithfully Comply 
In The Very Day!

Victory In Jesus
Should Never Be Just A Song!
Victory In Jesus
Should Be The Oil
That Moves True Believers Along!

Faith Should Never Be An Expedient
Nor A Coin In The Church
But Should Be The Be All
To End All Sins
That Cause Good Men
Grandly To Fall!

Weak Will!
Weak Conscience!
Stand For Anything!
Fall For Everything!
This Is The Path Walked
By All
Who Will Run The Race
Like Old King Saul!


Dear Father,
Your Call To Salvation
To Right Living
I Do Hear!
Please Help Me, Lord
Your Blessed Word To Obey!
I Can Do Nothing
My Own Soul To Save
So, Please, Lord
I Beseech You
To Help Me
Walking In Your Way To Crave!
I Love You, Lord!


Honor God

And He Will 

Honor You!