Thursday, October 27, 2016

Satan! Me And You Done!

Hope For Heaven
Is Not A Conference
Nor A  Convention
Trade Show!
Hope For Heaven
Is The Blood In My Veins
Propelling The Word's Food
So That I May Live
In Good Spiritual Health Grow!

My Hope For Heaven
Puts Me In Satan's Weaponry's Cross Hairs
Where By His Malice
I'm Marked For Destruction
As If On The Matter
Jesus The Christ
My Soul's Savior Redeemer
Has Not A Saving Word To Say!

I Hear The Words Of Derision
As Darts Designed
To Denigrate Jesus Christ
Designated To Derail
My Trust In The Living God
By The Grace And Mercy Freely Given
The Grace And Mercy
Unto My Salvation
With Mustard Seed Faith Received
I Lay Wisdom's Claim
On Heaven
Deny The Pharisaical World's
Lying-Again-Truth Leaven!

The God Of All Grace
Has Prepared In Heaven A Place
I Believe
With My Name And My Face
With The Holy Spirit
I Pray God
Living In Peace Within Me
It Is My Decision
By Holding Christ's Hands
To Arrive In The Heavenly Land

Sticks And Stones
Could Break My Bones
The Guillotine
Would Remove My Head From Me
Almighty God
Of My Life
Is The Lord
With My Being Settled
In His Holy Care
Second Death's Destruction
Will Not Be Upon
My Eternal Record!

Satan Is The Liar
Does No Body
Any Good
So ...
I Trust The Lord
For Daily Deliverance
Keep Away From
That Damned Fraud's Neighborhood!

AND, SO ...

It Is With No Regret
That I Say:

Me And You Done!
My Life With You Was Not Fun!
With You, I Was From God
Always On The Run
Despising The Salvation 
Of The Blessed Son
God's Grace
Washed My Face
And I Have Done An About Face
And You Can No Longer Taunt Me
About Being A Sin-Dirtied Disgrace
For I've Got A White Linen Garment To Grab
And Fire-Tried Gold
To Make Me Look Fab
And You
Rebel Reprobate
Can Go Take Your Unwashable Self
To Your Waiting Fire And Brimstone Lake
For You Are Nothing But
A Gross Liar And A Despicable Fake
I Thank God
I Don't Anymore
Your Machinations
Have To Take!
So, I Will Repeat
So That There Is No Mistake:
Me And You Done!
I From Hereon
Will My Cross
In Jesus' Faith