Wednesday, November 2, 2016

CHRISTIAN JOURNEYS: The Songs Of Faith We Sing

Dear Ones,

If We But Take The Time, We Would See That The Great Song Writers Of The Christian Faith Painted Musical Pictures Of The Journey That Is A Christian's Lot! 

I Have Taken The Liberty To Thread A Few Of Those Pictures Together!

I Pray That You Will  Appreciate The Beautiful Scene That Unfolds!


My "It Is Well With My Soul!"
Is Attended By
The Blessed Assurance
That Peace Like A River Is Flowing
For I Am
Saved By Grace!
God Said It
I Believe It!

Heavenly Sunshine!
God Is Divine!
Jesus Is The Rock!
Salvation Is Mine!

Angel Voices Ever Singing
Ring The Bell
The Lord In Zion Reigneth!
He Is The King!
Glory! Glory!
Hallelujah To Lamb!

God Is So Good
Rescuing The Perishing!
Reviving Us Again
So That New Life May Be Obtained!
Tell The Good News!
Oh, What A Savior!
Jesus Christ Is Lord!
He Is Coming Again!

It Won't Be Long Now
The Sky Shall Unfold!
Oh, Lord, Prepare Me
In Peace
Your Face To Behold!

I Was Bought With A Price
Not Gold!
Not Silver!
Good News! Good News!
Jesus Is Mine!
I Am On The Glory Road!

Praise The Lord!
Jordan Rolls!
The King Of Love
Is The Loving Shepherd Of The Sheep!
The Separating Line
Is Mine To Cross Over!
There's Nothing Between
My Lord And I!

Amazing Grace!
I Surrender All!
Because He Lives
A New Song I Sing!
Redeemed! Redeemed!
I Love To Proclaim It!
Tell It To The World
I Am Not Ashamed Of My Lord!

Why Me, Lord?
One Day
I Asked The Lord, Plain!
10,000 Reasons
For Love 
Was When
God, And God Alone
By Calvary's Cross
My Forever Friend!

Like a River Glorious
Let The Fire Fall!
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken
On The Gospel Train!
We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
So Send Down Upon Us Rain
Showers Of Blessing
In Drops Of The Love
That We Can't Explain!

Lift High The Cross!
Hold The Fort!
The King Is Coming
Who Once They Mocked And Scourged!
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
Call Aloud The Name!
This Is My Story
I Am Not Ashamed!

Precious Memories!
Shout To The Lord!
I Will Rise Again!
Praise His Holy Name!

I Am Changed!
Mercy Saw Me!
The Lord Is My Light!
I Fight The Good Fight!
Prayer Changes Things!
Ho! Everyone That Thirstest!
I Waited On The Lord
This Little Light Of Mine

Open Our Eyes, Lord!
Have Thine Own Way!
We Want To See Jesus
The Composer And Conductor
Of The Universe!
We Are Marching To Zion!
Let The Gates Open Wide!

Be Still, My Soul!
Jesus Calls Us!
He Knows It All!
Jerusalem Awaits!
Jesus, Friend Of 
Little Children
Lead Me, Savior!
Thro' The Shining Gate!

God Be In My Head!
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence!
Whosoever Will
Hail, Sovereign Love!
Rejoice, Oh, Land!
Remember All Ye People
Jesus Saves!
Trust And Obey!


Lead Kindly Light!