Saturday, November 12, 2016

PRAYER ... From Unfeigned Lips!

If Jesus Will Save Us
Satan Will Strafe Us!
If Jesus Will Chastise Us
Satan Will Praise Us!
If Jesus Will Lead Us
Satan Will Deceive Us!
Jesus Christ IS Lord
Satan IS Ever The Fraud!


Let Not Pride Be My Passion!
Let Not Deceit By My Fashion!
Let Not Ungodly Fear
Cause Me
You Good Name To Foreswear
Help Me
To You
In Humble Heartfelt Prayer
To Repair!

Let My Conscience
Be My Guide!
Help Me In The Holy Spirit
To Abide!
Help Me In My Jesus
To Confide
Let The Holy Angels
Be Ever By My Side!

Help Me, Lord
To Eat For Strength
And Not For Drunkenness!
Help Me, Lord
Not To Drink The Wine
Of Covetousness!
Help Me Not To Cultivate
A Spirit Of Compromise
Help Me Not To Trust
The Imaginings
Cultivated Of The Sight Of Seeing
But Woefully Blind

Help Me, Lord
To Hear The Still Small Voice
So That I
By Wisdom
Will Ever Make The Right Choice!
Help Me Not To Harbor
Nor Greed
For He Who Is The Shepherd
His Flock Of Sheep
Will Daily Feed!

I Pray For Grace!
I Pray For Faith!
I Pray For Heavenly Light
To See Beyond My Living Space!
Help Me To Hope
To Love
To Trust
To Honor And
To Obey
So That At The End
I Won't Be Away From You
Cast Out
In Eternal Disgrace!

I Love You, Lord!
Help Me To Love You More!
I Trust You, Lord!
Help Me To Trust You More
Please Keep Me
So That I Will Not Be Encouraging Satan
To Walk Through My Front Door!

Keep Me
Teach Me!
Correct Me
Direct Me
So That The Devil's Doing
Against You
Incite Me!
You Are My Father!
Make Of Me A True Child!
Help Me To Walk True To You
Knowing That Faith's Consequences
Are Safely Left
To Almighty God
You Who Is Ever Faithful And True!

Accept This My Prayer
From Unfeigned Lips
Offered In The Name Of Jesus Christ
In Whom Resides
Heaven And Earth's Kingship!