Saturday, November 5, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, Fashion Me A New Heart

I Come Before You As A Child
Seeking Understanding
For I Think It Strange
That We Bow Our Heads
And Bend Our Knees
To Worship The God Holy
When Our Hearts Are Inclined 
To The Evil One Continually!
But, Then Again,  Father
I Know It Should Not Be That Strange
For Your Holy Word Says
That Our Hearts Operate Deceitfully
And Are Above All Knowing!

Father, Pity Me!
Make Me Anew!
Refashion Me A Heart
That Like My Head And Knee 
Will Bow 
In Worshipful Supplication Before You!

Help Me, Father
That  My Form Of Worship
Does Not Become Mere Fashion
Useful Only To Give Relationships Traction!

Father, I Desire To Know You More!
Please Help Me So That My Bible-reading
My Study Of You
Do Not To Become A Chore!

I Pray That Your Word To Me
Become As Familiar As My Own Face
So That In My Life's Battles
My Faith Will Not Be Displaced!

Bless Me With Wisdom's Insight 
And Beautiful Understanding
Truth For The Day
And Peace
Beyond Surpassing!

Let My Song Be Praise
Mercy And Grace My Companions!
Let Joy Be My Juice
Love Be The Bread That I Share!

Jesus Christ Is My Lord, Father
So Help Me To Be Of Him A Faithful Witness
When My Journey Is At Its End
Let Me Enter Into Rest
Knowing That At The Awakening
I Shall Meet My Jesus In His Peace!
Oh, Let My New Heart Ever Sing Of Him
Who Paid My Price
To Relieve Death Of Its Awful Sting!

Father, I Have In You The Blessed Hope! 
Bless Me, In Jesus' Name
To Stand Firm To The End
To Claim My New Name, My Stars And My Crown
From The Glorious King, Conquering
Mighty And Strong!