Sunday, November 13, 2016

PRAYER: Lord, Help Us Mere Men To Know Jesus Christ

We Come To You In Faith
And Ask That You Have Mercy On Those
Who Hold To The Lie Of
The Good-Man Jesus
Plead With You To Draw Them Safely
Into The Knowledge
Saving Grace
Of The Lord Jesus Christ
The Creator
Almighty God 
Conquering King 
Forever Friend
Provider Of All That Blesses The Life
He Who Shelters 
The Believing Soul Defends!

Help Us, Lord
Not To Seek To Live Our Lives 
On The Quicksand
This Is Convenient Lies!
Help Us, By Faith
To Strive For Heaven
All The While Despising 
The Pharisee Leaven!

Shelter Our Hearts
So That We Will Resist 
Pride And Vanity
Teach Us Daily
To Bless The Creator-Sustainer God
Who Holds Over Us
Heaven's Comfortingly Radiant
Starry Canopy!

Help Us, Mere Men
To Accept That To Know Jesus Christ
Is To Know The Truth!
Help Us To Deny The Liar
Permit Wisdom
To Fill Our Nagging 
Need-For-Truth Sweet Tooth!

Let Not Greed For Gain
Be To Our Existence A Bane
Let Love For The Light
By Your Holy Spirit
Be Our Currency
Never To Be Exchanged!

May Holy Angels
Guard Our Sleep!
May Holy Angels Attend Us
As We Daily Rest In Jesus
Like Contented Sheep!

May Sweet Water Flow
As In Green Pastures We Grow
Heeding Ever The Call Of Him
Whose Blessed Voice
We Intimately Know!

Oh,  Lord
Let Your Kingdom Come In Us
As We Grow In Grace
Until That Glorious Day
Grant Us Your Peace
Even As Man's Troubles Increase
Every Which Way!

Help Us To Share The Good News
That Inhabiting The Life Of Jesus Christ
Everlasting Relief
Help Us Not To Embrace
The Lying Belief
That The Machinations Of Man
Can Ever Bring Mankind
Lasting Stress Relief!

Thank You, Lord
For Hearing And Answering
The Prayer Of Faith
Offered In The Name Of 
Jesus Christ The Righteous
The Ever Faithful
Our Holy Commander-In-Chief!
We Love You, Lord!
Keep Us In Your Care
Increase Our Faith!