Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Truth IS The Truth! Deal With It!

Is The Fatal Passion
That Will Cause Men
- Just Like Lucifer -
To Fall!

Causes What Can Be Used For Good
To Become Quite Ugly
By Elevating Self
The Creator God!

The Tree Of Life
Is The King James Bible
That We Are Bidden
To Eat From
For The Blessing Of This Life
So That We May Go
In The Fulness Of Time
After A Tested Life Of Faith
- With Endurance -
With Our Creator
Eternally To Live
Having Survived
Satan's Cruel Strife!

God Gave Each Man Moral Agency
To Obey His Commandments
... Or Not!
We Are Free 
To Love The Lord
Wipe Him Out Of Our Lives
Just Like So Much Snot!

Let No Man Say
When His Self-Indulgence
- By His Own Lust -
Is Tested
That The Living God Is Tempting Him
The Living God Tempts Nobody
But It Is Our Own Unrestrained Lusts
That Is Picking Fruit From
Liarman Satan's Dead-Conscience Tree!

Adam's Disobedience Brought Mankind Death
Individual Man's Obedience To God Brings Life
Through Jesus Christ's Death!
Just Remember That
Obedience To God
Puts Us In The Gunsights Of The Raging Fraud
Whose Sole Desire Is To Deny Us Access
To The Great Pleasance Of God
Which Is The Reward
Of All Who Worship
The Said Jesus Christ The Lord!

Whom We Obey
Is The One Whom We Worship!
The One Whom We Worship
Is The One To Whom We Pray!
We May Put A Spin On This Truth
By Applying Pretty Polish
The Truth Is Truth
That Neither Satan 
Nor Man
Can Ever Hope To Abolish!

God Loves Us!
Satan Hates Us!
Heaven Has Tree Of Life Fruit Juice
Hell Hath A Fire And Brimstone Lake!

So ...

Children Of The Father
Please Open The Good Book
Proceed To Do Your Math:

Find The Solution:- 
All Men Are Scheduled For Hell
But All Men Can - By Choice - Be Booked Into Heaven!
Every Man Must Make A Choice:

Live A High Life Of Disobedience To God Now
As An Obedient Follower Of Satan Later!

Live A Lowered Life As An Obedient Follower Of Jesus Now
As A Redeemed Saint Of Jesus Christ For Eternity Later!

What Extinguishes Access To The Lake Of Fire
And Brimstone For A Faithful Child Of God?

  • John 3:16
  • 1 John 1:9
  • Matthew 4:4
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Matthew 5:48
  • Romans 10:9
  • James 1:22
  • All Of The Above
  • None Of The Above

Wee Wisdom ...!

Tomorrow ... Is Not Promised
Today ... Is The Accepted Time
When All Should Seek Their Soul's Savior
Not Think About
Who Has What
How Many Kinds!

Striving For The Pre-eminence
Is Not The Fruit Of A Quiet And Gentle Spirit!
We Must 
- By God's Great Grace -
Work To Attain Unto The Image
Of The Lord Christ
Seeking Ever To Place Self
On The Altar Of Sacrifice
Where None Finds Disgrace!

Look Before You Leap!
Think Before You Speak!
Look Up To The Lord
Give Your Back To The Fraud
In The Light Of Life
Unto The Great Reward!

Misery Likes Company
Even If Means
Creating Misery For Others
To Get Company For Itself!

Truth Is Never Relative
A Lie Is No Man's Captive!

Luke-warm Water Cannot Make Iced Tea
Iced Tea Will Never Make A Hot Tea Drinker Happy!

What Must Must
Must Must
Pretended Chastity Will Never Kill Lust!

Standing Still
In Moving Traffic
Is Not A Good Idea
Good Standing In God
Is Still A Moving Idea
Worth Trafficking!

The Blessed Are Boldly Blasted
By The Brazenly Boastful
Those Very Same Brazenly Boastful
Gain Brilliant Blessings 
Because Of The Bountifully Blessed 
Who Boldly Believe That In Jesus Christ
There Is Forever Peace And Eternal Rest!