Tuesday, November 22, 2016

WISDOM: Sinning Is No Delight!

He Who Made Us
Will Show Us No Mercy
He Who Formed Us
Will Show Us No Favor
All This Will Happen
In The Raining Down Of The Seven Last Plagues
If We Don't Choose In Advance
To Give Jesus Christ
In Our Hearts
Pride Of Place!

Mercy Is Currently Available
Grace Is Still Available, Too
In The Day That Christ's Intercession
For Mankind Does Cease
All Self-Appointed
For Damnation
Will Not Be Singing Gleefully!

Now Is The Accepted Time!
Now Is The Day Of Grace!
Now Is The Time To Accept Salvation
Now Is The Time To Tell Satan
Get Out Of Your Face!

Tomorrow Is Not To Man Promised!
Tomorrow's Sun May Never Rise!
Tomorrow's Grass Must Grow Today
We Can't Go To Glory Tomorrow
If We Don't Do Today
The Will Of The Risen Reigning Christ!

By Wisdom
Build Your House On The Rock!
By Understanding Let Your Faith Be Established!
By Knowledge
Fill Your Heart With Prized And Precious Promises
With Conviction
Hold To Him Who Your Condemnation
On That Vile Cross Took
As Does Says That Holy Good Book!

No Man
Can Serve God AND The Devil!
No Man
Can Be A Good Christian AND A Crook!
No Man
Can Take The Prerogatives
Of God Unto Himself
Expect The Almighty God To Say:

Welcome, Friend!
Welcome, Good Servant Of Mine!
You For Me Did Your Very Best
So Enter My Joy
And Rest
With My Blessed!

We May Act AND Walk Holy
In Our Very Own Sight!
We May Walk Holy In The Day
Play With Satan In Close Quarters
In The Dark Of The Night!
We May Pretend To Ourselves
That Constant Sinning Is A Fine Delight
In God's Holy Sight
We Are Headed For Permanent Separation
From God
Into Eternal Night
Never To Enjoy 
The Glorious Son's Living Light!

That Is A Crying Shame!

God Is Good!
God Is Great!
Get Ready Now!
It Is Not Yet Too Late!
Please Commit Your Way
To Jesus Christ Our Savior
Before Offers Of Mercy Cease
Heaven As A Scroll Rolls Back
The Faithful Living
The Risen Faithful Rise Up To Glory
In Peace And Joy
To With The Conquering King
Forever Be!

Clocks Run Forward!
Clocks Don't Turn Back!
Satan Is The Liar
Will Any Human Attack
Protect Yourself
By Walking With The Living God!