Wednesday, March 29, 2017

DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS: Bank Of The Holy Jesus

I Deposited My Paycheck
Marked Trust
In The Bank Of The Holy Jesus
I Make No Withdrawals
No Matter How I Am Provoked
For I
To My Jesus
Am Fully Yoked!

I Truly Expect
The Dividend
- Already Declared -
To Be Paid In Full
- With Extras -
On The Day Called
Of Our Faith Great

It Shall Not Be Paid Early
For It Can't Be Paid Late!

By Prayer
I Purchased Shares
Of The Faith
Of Him Who Is Wise
He Who Is Holy
Him Who For Man Died
I Am Determined
Hell Coming
Highwater Following
That The Eternal God
Is My Guide

From Him
I Will Not Turn My Eyes!

Some Days Are Gloomy
Some Days Are Dark, Too

My God Is Holy

True, Too
I Have His Word
That For Me
He Will Ever Care
Even Though At Times
I Forget Him

Run Around
In Ungodly Fear!

No More Backsliding!
No More Walking In My Own Way!
No More Humorless Laughter
Because "That" Fear
Is Sitting In My Comfy Chair!

I Am Determined
To Live For

With My Jesus
In The Glorious Land

Because God With Me
Makes A Majority
I Shall Keep Depositing
My Trust
In The Bank Of The Holy Jesus Kitty!

Who's With Me?!