Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Sins Of The Flesh + PRAYER: Lord, Pity Us Who Pray!

The Sins of The Flesh
Now Rule The World
The Things That Man Does
Will Make A Saint's Hair Curl!

Man's Instinct Is Animal!
Man's Want Leads His Way!
Man's Feeling Is His Mission
In His Life
The Damned Devil
Is Holding The Sway!

The Son Of Perdition
The Dark Prince
Wears White
In His Best Behavior
He Appears The Angel Of Light
To Blight
To Blast
To Blow Away
To Take Men Away
From Serving The Living God
To Roll In The Dirt
With The Dying God Of Disaster!
Sin Is No Healing Plaster!


In Mercy
Open Our Eyes To See 

The True Presentation
Of The Lord Of The Dung Flies
And Also Help Us To See

But For a Moment
That There Are More Of Us
- A Vitally Blessed Majority -
When We Walk With Thee
Help Us, There After
To Walk In Faith
Not By Natural Eyes' Sight

That Causes Us Wholly To Deceived Be!

Help Us, Lord
To Be Constant
Ever In Pray!
Help Us
With Alacrity
To Do All That You Say!
Help Us, With Vigor
To Ignore Those
Who Nay Say
Grant Us
Over Self ... Victory
So That For Own-Sin
We Shall Not Have To Pay!

Pity Us Who Pray!
Pity Us Who Care!
Pity Us Who Walk In The Right Way
So That We May Rejoice
On Redemption Day!
In Jesus' Name, We Stand, And Plead!
We Love You, Lord!