Tuesday, June 20, 2017

UNMASKED: The Everlasting Word Of The Eternal God Stands!

Pick N. Choose
Was A Seeing Blind Man
Who Published Abroad
That He Knew The Oracles Of God -
Back To Front!
He Knew How The Scriptures Were Tied!

His Adversary
- For Obvious Reasons
Considered By Him To Be Treasonous -
Accept D. Word
Who Trusts In The Holy Spirit
To Teach Him
When He
In His Finite Understanding
Shows Lack!

Their Relationship Is Not Acrimonious!
They Just See Truth
In Mightily Different Ways
Those Ways Are The Bone Of Contention
Throughout The Passage Of Their Interactive Days!

Pick N. Choose Is A Man Of The Cloth
Educated And Lettered
Who Was Trained
To Read Between Lines
To Pick
To Choose
Which Words Of God
Are To Be Considered
Impossible To Believe
Fairy Tales
And On, And On!

He Is Flamboyantly Very Passionate
About The Work That He Does
Even Though His Conscience
Mightily Pricks Him!
He Ignores The Pricks Of Good Conscience
Because He Wants To Be The Head
Of The Critiquing God Club!

There's Money To Be Made In Them Thar Hills!
ANDAt This 
His Fat Heart Thrills!

Isn't Fat A Bible Metaphor For Sin?!

It Is Indeed!

Aren't We Called To Give The Fat
The Sin
Unto God
On The Altar Of Sacrifice?!

Indeed, We Are!

There's Trouble Up Ahead ...

Things Were Going Well
Very Well
For Pastor Pick
When He 
- Waxing Bold -
Accidentally On Purpose
Called Jesus Christ Unnecessary
A Failure

There Was A Gasp! 
Then ...
A Very Loud Silence!
Then ...
There Was An Uproar!!
Then ...
One Man Valiantly Stood Up
Stood Out
In A Firm And Steady Thread
Walked To The Altar
In A Firm Tone
- Causing Dread -

It Is Considered
Treason Against The Living God
When In A Time Of Spiritual Crisis
Believing Men Hold Their Peace
Whilst A World Dying
Amidst Abundant Good Food
Is Left Starved


He Continued ...

I Will Not Bring A Railing Accusation Against You
Pastor Pick N. Choose
The Lord Rebuke You!
I Speak The Truth Out Of Love
I Sincerely Pray For You 
As This I Say:

You Speak Evil Of The Dignified God
And Thereby
You Foam Out Your Own Shame!
You Work Is Not A Blessing!
Your Tree Has Root Rot
And Your Fruit Is Both Wind Blown
And Rotten
And Truth To You Seems To Be Forgotten!

You Despise 
The Dominion Of The Glorious God Over You
Withhold That Blessed Knowledge
From The Beloved
In So Doing
You Encourage Others
To Live Lives Ungodly
ANDIn Essence
Subscribe Their Names To Unquenchable Flames!
You Will For Lost Souls
Hold Much Blame!

You Act
In The Blighted Way Of The Accuser Of The Brethren
You Do Unto The Kingdom Of God
A Terrible Despite!
Why Did You Give Up God's Fight!

You Apparently Care Not For Your Own Soul
You Wilfully Deny Others
Their Own Opportunity
For Their Own Soul's Salvation To Fight!

I Pray The Lord God
For The Salvation Of Your Soul
That You Will Come To Know The Almighty God
The Lord Jesus Christ
Whom He
To Us Sent
So That You Will Turn
From Gross Darkness
Unto The True Light
That The Lord, Then
By Your Renewed Life's Living
May Find Someone
In Whom To Delight!

Brothers And Sisters,
I Appeal You Today
As A Sinner Saved
As One In Christ
No Longer Living As A Sin-Slave
For The Love Of God
Count The Cost!
Count The Cost
And, Then
If Jesus Christ Paid - In Full - Your Bill
Accept His Word
His Character
His Provision
Right Here
Right Now
So That You Won't
For Your Own Sin
Have To Eternally Pay!

God Is The Lord!!

'Tis A Shame When Men
Who Can't
Won't Eat
Withhold God's Good Grass 
From Hungering Sheep!

It Is A Terrible Crime
Against God's Glorious Kingdom
When Men 
Spiritually Dried Out
Block Abundantly Available
Living Water
From The Lord's Thirsty, Thirsty, Sheep!

It Is A Bitter Shame
When The Ungodly Man
- Afraid To Sleep -
Stops Weary Men
From Resting In The Lord
In Peace
And So
- With Trembling Heart Sad -
I Say Unto One
Unto All
Look To Your Own Soul's Salvation!
Follow Not Wicked Men
And More Particularly
This Bold Man And His Type
Who Work For The Fraud With Delight
Having Left Off
Of Faith
The Good Fight!

The Living Word Of The Glorious Lord
Is A Strong Tower -
The Righteous Man
- Obviously Living Right -
Runneth Into It
Is Safe!

The Word Of God Is A Sword
A Shield
A Path
A Blanket
A Ground Upon Which To Kneel!

The Word Of God Is A Cup
A Plate
A Map
But Never A Slate
For The Word
Is Sealed
In Heaven Settled
So That Man
By His Own Actions
For Or Against It
His Own Fate

Do Not Watch Man!
Do Not Follow This Wicked Man!
The Way Of Man
Is Ever A Lie!
Do Not Live To Man
For In That Way
You Will Surely Die!

Do Not Trust Your Way
To Your Eyes!
You Should Know By Now
That Man's Eyes Tell
The Comfortable Lie!

Do Not Listen To Truth
With Carnal Ears!
Carnal Ear Are Receptacles
That Hear What The Carnal Ear Wants To Hear!
They Itch And They Tickle
To Enjoy What The Carnal Heart Wants To Swear
Ungodly Men
Take Pride In Performance
The Name
The Word Of The Holy God
To Defame
Enjoying Remaking God
In The Image Of Their Own Desperate
Dying Selves
Proffering That They Can
The Seeking Sinner Save!

Put That Book
On The Condemned Things Shelf!

Beloved Of The Eternal God
I Beseech You
Look Not To Man For Help!
Go To Your Creator
And There
Your Heart Vent!

The Living Word Cannot Change
For The Living God
Of And In The Word
Cannot Change
Look To Yourselves
From This Gross Folly
Turn About!

Do Not Elevate A Creature
Above The Height Of
The Creator God
For The Creature Can Never Be His Own Creator -
He Is Working For His Paymaster Satan
- That Wily Fraud -
Who Has Given Him A Brief
To Cause Men To Sell Their Unbuyable Souls
Throwing Away Their Confidence
To Receive A Few Wood Coals
Masquerading As Diamonds
With Fool's Gold!

In The Beginning Was The Word!
The Word Is God!
The Word Dwells Among Us -
It Is Time To Really Know Him!

Pastor Pick N. Choose
You Were Warned
About The Wrong Path You Trod!
You Ignored Those Warnings
And Today
Refusal To Reform Your Ways
 Will Cost You
For Your Gainsaying God Ways!

Remove From God's Altar
This Shameless
Unrepentant Man
Who Works For The Devil
ANDWho Chooses Not To Be Moved By
Christ The Lord
Through The Working Of The Holy Spirit
Who Prospers
By Doing Evil
Against The Called
The Chosen
The Willing-To-Be-Saved
Of The Eternal God!

Lord Help Us!

And ...

The Church
- Militant -
With One Voice

Pastor Pick, You're Fired!!
In The Name Of The Lord Christ
Please Turn Away
From The Evil
And Do The Good!
We CHOOSE To Follow
The Word Of The Lord
We Will Be Praying For You!!

Accept D. Word Said
For The Witness:

Amen! And Amen!