Thursday, July 6, 2017

A NEW SONG : I Have Learned ...!

I'm Satisfied With My Jesus!
With Him, I'm Going Home!
I Am Satisfied With My Jesus
Who, For My Sins
With His Blood Did Atone!
I Used To Walk As One Wicked
One Weary
One Alone
But, Jesus
My Jesus Called
And Said:

It Is Time For You To Come On Home!

I Struggled! How I Struggled!
I Got Angry!
I Was Offended By Him And I Cried
But Lovingly He Loved Me
And My Bitter Tears He Dried
And, Now 
As One Redeem-ed
I'm Walking On The King's Highway
And God's Great Grace
Is Keeping Me In Christ's Faith
And I Don't Want It Any Other Way
For The Ways Of Truth
I Have Learned!


I'm Now Walking Free
For Jesus Christ Has Rescued Me
And Now I Share The Truth I Learned
That Satan Ever Always Lies
But In The Heart Of God
True Love Abides!
God's Everlasting Love Abides!
God Is Everlasting! 
Love ... Abides!