Tuesday, July 18, 2017

MANY WAYS: Going To Father God?!

Among The Many Lies
That Satan
His Guru-Henchmen Sell
Is That
There Are Many Ways To GOD!

Only Problem Is
That The Word Of God Itself Says
That You Need Christ Jesus
To Get To
The Father God!

Come Onnnn!
There Must Be A Simple Mistake Somewhere
For You Know That There Is Safety
In Numbers
And If The Multitude Believe
That The Right Way For You
The Wrong Way For Me
Who Am I
To Go Against The Leading Of 
Considered Opinion!

I Love You!
You're A Sweetheart!
You Just Said
The Best Thing Ever!
You Called It What It Is
- An Opinion -
No Facts
But False-Oath Taking
Beloved Of Those
Who Have The Living God
Well And Truly Forsaken!

Why Did You Start Her Up?!
Now She Is Going To Preach Us A Whole Sermon!

Changing The Word Of God
To Suit What Carnally Satisfies You
Is A Sure Way Not To Receive
What The God Of Heaven
Has - By Sacrifice -
Provided Freely For You!

God Is Still God
Whether You Are
On The Mountain
Walking in The Valley
Rotting In The Prison
Salivating In The Penthouse
Praying In Your Privy!

God Is Still God
Be It Bright Day
Or Dark Night!
So Let Us, Therefore,
Bless God And  ... Cheerfully Face Life
Each And Every Day
Trusting The Word
Of The God Who Is The Truth
Not Giving Way To Fables
So That We Can Live The Debauched Lives
Amply Demonstrated On Sit-Coms
Dramedies And Blockbuster Movies
That Ruin Our Youth!

Here She Goes!

Men Have
- From Time Immemorial -
Tried To Unseat God
From Heaven's Throne
From The Throne Of Their Hearts
By Following
- Of All God's Creations -
Fallen Lucifer
Nka Satan!
Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I Don't Know Why They'd Trust
A Reprobate Like Satan
Whose Resume Of Unrighteousness
Leads To Eternal Death!

The Almighty God Cast Out Lucifer
The Covering Cherub
The Choir Director Of Heaven
Who Beheld The Face Of God
And, Yet
Even Today Still Lives
And We
Who Cannot Behold The Face Of The God Eternal
And Live
- In Absolutely Reckless Pride
Rabid Mindbending Confusion -
That We May Correct God
In Whom IS Our Life
Show Him
The Error Of His Ways
By Use Of The Satanic Device
Which Is Nothing More
Than Soul-Poisoning Blasphemy
Guaranteed ... If Uncorrected
To Get Us A One-Way
Once And Done Ticket
To The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone Not A Party
Guaranteed A Time Not Fun!

Jesus Christ IS Coming!
Man Is Rapidly Dying
Satan Is Circling His Wagons
Around Those Who Lean To The Self
Who Walk Paths Not Right
Who Sing Songs Sure To Delight
The Soul Who Chooses Not To Recognize
Him Who Made Said Man
A Living Soul!

Let's Not Get It Twisted!
God Does Not Change!
God Means What He Says
Tells What He Does
For The Good
Against The Evil
For The Faithful
The Meek
The Peacemakers
Who Walk Under The Banner Of Jesus Christ
- Who Is Our Peace -
As Long As We Follow
The Ways Of The Lord
Walking With Him
In One Accord!

Answer Me Now!
Can You Stop Yourself
From Growing Old
From Sin Dying
From Knowing Death Is Bitter
From Breathing
From Eating
From Sleeping
From Believing Anything
When Jesus Christ
Is Not Your Something?

Hmmm ...
When You Put It Like That ... No!

So ...
If You Can't Do The Simple Things
Why, Then
Do You Want To Believe
That You Can Choose
Your Own Way
Create Your Own Path
To Get To The Eternal God?!

I Know!
I Know!
I Know The Answer
To That Conundrum!
The God Gods That They're Making
Their Own Ways Toward
Are Gods Of
Bronze Silver Gold
Wood Stone
Blind Deaf Dumb
Useless Illiterate
Good Only As Paperweights
As Awarded By Idol-Worshipping Alums!

The Lord Be Praised!

Please Do Not Be Deceived!
God Cannot
- By Any Living -
Be Mocked
I Beseech You
From Those Beasts
Sin Burdened And Lost
Do Not Buy Stock!

Money Can't Purchase Salvation
Neither Can It Bury Truth
Listening To
The Malicious Malevolent Ravings
Of The Accursed Fallen Angel
Will Cause You
From The Family Of God
To Be Forever Cut Loose!

Please, I Beseech You
Do Not Permit Those
For Whom Dying Earth
Is Their Forever Home
To Stop You From Ascending To Reside Forever 
In God's Eternal Home
The Seat Of His Throne!

Humble Yourself ... And Live!
Jesus Christ Himself
Will Award You
The Everlasting Crown!

Say Your Prayers - He Cares!
Listen To Him
Get That Crown
Not Condemnation's Frown!
Got To Go!
Remember He Is Coming Soon!
So Long!

That Was Close! Phew! 

She Must Really Have Been In A Hurry Today!

Later  ...!