Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Of Chaos And Confusion + PRAYER: I'm Listening, Lord!

Constant Chaos
Total Chaos
Men Women Children
Living Their Lives In Fear
Of Outcomes
Guaranteed To Distress
Not Knowing How
To Get Out Of The Mess!

Who Will Call The Master?
Who Will Petition The King?
Who Will Say A Prayer Of Faith
Guaranteed An Answer
From Heaven Where
The King Of Love Is Residing?

I Will Say A Prayer!
Will You?
I Will Make A Petition?
Don't You Have One Too?

He Does Not Hear Me!
My Life Is Too Vile!
I Have Ceased Praying -
My Stomach Is Filled With Bile
Because I Know That He
Will Not
Save A Wretch Like Me!

Not True, My Brother
My Sister!
Not Close To The Truth, My Friend!

We Have An Advocate
- Christ The Righteous By Name -
In Whose Hands
By Whose Blood
We May Approach The Father
Seeking Relief
From Lives
Lived Like Lice
Eating Anything Warm
Because It Appears Choice
Jesus - The Savior
The Creator
Man's Best Friend
Has Made A Way For Us
So That Our Prayers
Are Guaranteed
Through His Love
His Sacrifice
The Holding Of His Faith
To Get An Answering!

Will You Believe That Jesus Saves?
Will You Believe That God Cares?
Will You Trust The Pardon Purchased?
Will You Cast On Christ Your Fears?
Your Cares?

Will He Really Hear Me?

Yes, He Will
You Believe That He Is Who He Says He Is
That He Will Do What He Says
That He Will Do!

But ...

You Must Do Your Part, Too
By Confessing Your Sin
Repenting Of Your Past
By Faith
Asking The Master
To Take The Case Before The Father
On Your Behalf!

When You Confess Your Sin
He Is Faithful
To Forgive
He Will Cleanse You
From All Unrighteousness -
Please Let Him Your Heart Enter In!

Just Leave It All
Give It All To Jesus
Of His Mercy And Grace
You Can Rest Assured
Knowing That For Your Own Soul's Salvation
The Holy Spirit
The Spirit Of Truth 
- Of Necessity -
To Complete What Jesus Christ Has Started
Be Imparted!

And That Lost Soul 
In Prayer ... Cried:

Oh, Lord,
Please Hear Me!
I Am Calling Out To You!
I Want No Other God But You, Lord
This Is Now My Truth!

I Have Been Wayward
A Wanderer
Even Abstruse Wicked
Wild And Often Loose!

I Confess My Sin!
I Repent - Forgive Me!
I Desire The New Start
That The Old Word Ever New
That You Can Give Me!

I Come As A Child - Teach Me!
Help Me To Walk In Right Ways
And, Lord
I Am Now Listening
I Will Walk With You
If You Will Attend Me
On This Life's Hard And Trying Pathways!
In Jesus' Name, I Humbly Plead
Make This Old Goat A Brand New Lamb
For I Now Know
That None Other But You

Welcome To The Family!