Sunday, July 2, 2017

PRAYER: Lord, Let Your Will For My Life Be Mine!

Oh, My Father
Help Me To Hold Fast In My Grasp
The Outstretched Arm
So That In The Days Of My Troubles
I Do Not Have To Cast Around
To Find An Anchor
To Which To Tie My Tossing Ship Fast!

Rid Me Now
Of Any Traits Of Character
That Will Cause Me
In My Elder Years
To Become
And Envious
Slights And Hurts
From This And That Friend Foe

Sister Brother
Daughter Son
Earthly Father And Dear Mother!
Save Me, Lord
From That Troublesome Woe!
Help Me Let Them Go!

Lord, Make Them Go!

It Is Not My Desire
To Give Place To The Wily Foe!
It Is My Desire, Dear Father
That My Fruit For Heaven
Should Ripen Sweet
At The End
Of Its Season Of Growth
I Beseech You
In The Holy Jesus' Name
Help Me
Shelter Me
Water And Prune My Tree
So That
Whether I Die
Or Remain Alive
When The Lord Christ Shall Come
I Shall Rise Up To Meet My King 
And Hear:

"Faithful, Profitable Servant
Well Done!

Into The Pearly Gates
You Are Welcome To Come!"

Remember The Brethren
In The Near And Scattered Folds!
Call Them
Lord, Call Them
To Come In From The Cold
To The Great Fold Of Safety
Behind The Protective Hedge
So That The Evil Ones
Will Not Consume Them
Using Them For Mere Merchandise
On Some Merchant Of The Earth's
Never-Satisfied Shelf!

Thank You! 
I Bless You
For The Comfort Found Only 
In Holy Spirit Of God! 
I Thank You For The Angelic Protection
That You Provide Against The Fraud
And The Enemies Of God!
I Thank You For Daily Care
Daily Grace
Daily Faith
I Thank You For The Forgiveness For Sin
That Takes Condemnation
Off The Rugged Path
That My Foot Does Trace!

I Thank You For My Blessings

I Thank You For The Myriad Mercies Of Favor
Those Not Yet Spent!

I Thank You, Lord 
For The One Gift
That "Thank You!" 
Cannot Cover! 
The Gift Of The Son
On Cruel Calvary
The Life Of Christ Jesus
My True Love
My Soul's Only Lover!

Oh, Love
That Will Not Let Me Go
Love Me
So That In Your Character
I May Grow More And More!
Love Me, Lord
Lead Me
Into The Glorious Light
So That That Light
The Light Of The World
The Only True Light
That Leads To
Eternal Life
Will Be My Day Light
My Night Light
The Light Of My Life
Unto And Ever After
The Day That The Saints Of God
Shall Take Flight
To Eternal Life!

Into Your Hands, Lord
I Give Unto You ... Me!
Let Your Will
Your Ways Be Mine
So That Forever Will, Thereby

Be Mine
My Savior Jesus Christ 
The Lord God Holy Divine!!

I Love You, Lord!
Hope For Heaven
Is Beating In My Chest
In That Hope
The Name Of My Lord Christ
I Do Publicly Confess!
Remember Me
Is My Plea
For In Jesus' Name
I Humbly Plead!