Saturday, July 15, 2017

WALKING WITH GOD: Nothing Is Impossible!

Nothing Is Impossible
To Us Who Lay Hold
On The Living God's Words!
All Of Heaven's Helping Agencies
Are Available To Us
ANDOf That 
You Can Be Sure!
Our Pleas Will Be Heard! 

Just Trust On Christ Jesus
Who Asks You To Trust Him
In All That He Says
Be Assured That Satan
His Benighted
Damned Kind
From You Will Turn Away!

Don't Trust The Lord Today
Not Trust Him Tomorrow!
Don't Trust The Lord
In Things Almost All
Believe You'll Stand - You'll Fall!
From Doubt Turn Away!

Believe In The Lord
In The Totality Of The Promise Given
ANDNothing Can Cause You
Away From The Lord Christ
To Fall!
That's Truth!
That's The Blessed Word
By The Lord Christ, Himself, Given!

God Says - Believe!
God Calls - Receive!
God Reaches - Accept!
God Feeds - Expect!
God Knows - Trust!
God Restores - Confess!
God Heals - Lean!
God Teaches - Learn!
God Sees - Look!
God Seals - Live!
Accept The Word Of The Living God!
With Him
You'll Climb Higher And Higher!

Deny The Liar
His Lying Assay
You'll Walk In Forever Light
In The Glorious Coming Day!

Keep Praying
Keep Christ's Faith, Beloved
One Day Very Soon
- Changed -
You'll Be Wearing Heavenly Attire
- Redeemed -
You'll Never Experience God's Consuming Fire!