Tuesday, August 1, 2017

CHRIST: Crisis!

In A Crisis
If You Know
Christ Is
You Will Stand Firm
No Matter Who
Is Raging!
You Can Fight That
Win Bliss!
You Shall Wear
The Glorious Crown!

Man, Please!
When Has There Never Not
Been A Crisis?!
And That Christ
He's Been Coming To Help
For Ever!
I've Been Hearing That
Since I Was Knee-High
To That Old Grass Hopper!
You Taking Bare Rubbish!
You Need To Hush Your Flapper!

I'm Sorry My Brother!
I Cannot Do That!
The Day Is A-Wasting!
Christ The Lord
Is On His Way Back ...!

More Rubbish!
More Rubbish!
That Book That You Read
Says No Man Knows The Hour
And, Obviously
That Lord Christ's Traveling Speed!

I Detect Much Sarcasm
In Your Tone!
I Shall Move Past That
And Deliver The Message
Sent By My Master
Telling You
How ... To Get To
The Everlasting Rest Home!
Jesus Christ, Our Master
Was Never Elevated By Applause!
He Was Never Dejected
By Disappointment
Nor Censure
Nor Did He
From Doing The Will Of God The Father
Take Vacation
Nor Pause!

There Was Great Opposition
Cruel Treatment
Even Attempts
- Before Time -
To Shorten His Life
He Was Ever Of
Good Courage
He Trusted His God
His Father
To Get Him Through The Strife!

Christ Left For Us
- His Followers -
An Example
To Keep
To Follow
Unto Life
Many Hold A Profession
No Occupation
A Followship
No Fellowship
Anxious Spirits
Troubled Hearts
Timid Minds
Lights That Don't Shine
In The Day Of Their Visitation
They Are Quick To Condemn God
In Christ
As Having To Them
Never, Ever Be Fair
Been Kind!

The Lord Is Our Shepherd
He Leads To Pastures Green
He Leads Us Beside Waters Still
He Restores Our Souls
With Good Food He Fills!

What Is The Point Of
Following The Leader
When You Don't Believe
You Won't Do What He Says
When You Think You Know How To Fix Him
When You Know His Walking Path
Is The One Wrong!

Why Do You
Eat What Is Offered At His Table
Steal From His Money Bag?

Why Say
Lord, Teach Me!AND
When Corrected
Run Out
Sell Him
For A 30-Piece
Sanhedrin Silver Blood-Money Bag?!

Jesus Calls Us Because He Loves Us!
He Desires Us To Walk In His Ways!
He Has Not Set For Us
Or Before Us
A Path That Cannot Be Trodden
Nor A Victory
That We Cannot Taste!

If To You
Jesus Christ IS Savior
Take Firm Hold On The Hand
That He Is Extending

My Soul, Hold On!
Jesus Saves From Here To Life's End!

Jesus Saves But ...!

There Is No "But!"
Jesus Saves 
ANDYou MUST With Him
IfIt Is Your Desire
To See The Eternal Kingdom!

Jesus Calls - Answer!
Jesus Gives - Take!
You Pray - Jesus Answers!
You Do Wrong - You Will Be Corrected
As Necessary
You Will Be Chastised!

No Good Father
Leaves A Child To His Own Devices
Neither Does He Permit Him
To Live His Life In

You Choose
To Follow Jesus
Choose To Follow Him
All Day!
In All Ways!
Choose To Trust
That Where He Is Leading
Is The Best Place
For He Alone Knows The Way!

Please Do Not Compare
The Lord Christ To Others
That Worship Nonentities!

Our God
Is All Seeing!
All Knowing!
He Is Self Existent!
He Is The Eternal!
In His Hand
He Holds Eternity!

I Declare Unto You ...

Trust Is Not Half-Way!
Faith Is No Half-Day!
Mercy Is Not Some-Day!
Grace Is Not Play-Play!
Truth Is Not Assayed!

Hope Is Not Over There!

Our Hearts Know The Truth!

God IS Love
Is What Our King James Does Indeed Say
Jesus Christ
- To Heaven -
Paid For Us
Our Price
To Get Us A Home There! 

But ... But ...!

But But What?!

The Pastor Says ...!

Ahhh, Yes!
The Pastor Problem Rides Again!

When Last Did You Read
For Your Self Your Bible?
When Last For Your Self
Did You Pray To The Lord?
When Last
For Your Self
Did You Ask The Lord To Guide You?
When Last
For Your Self
Did You Ask The Lord
To Protect You From The Fraud?

When Last Did You Close Off Your Self
From The Clamoring Around You
And In Your Own Soul
Commune With Your Lord?
When Last
Did You Sing A Song Of Your Praise
Giving Grateful Thanks
To The Holy God?

Money Can't Save You!
Friends Can't Save You!
Position Can't Save You!
Preacher Teacher Priest
Need Saving Themselves
So They Can't Save You
So ...It Is Left To Us
To You
- As The Good Book Says -
To Work Out Your Own Soul's Salvation 
With Fear And Trembling!
It Does Not Say
Throw In The Lot With The Group!
You Walk The Path Alone!
The Best Friend Ever
That A Man Has
Is Our Lord Christ
The Son Of God
The Son Of Man
Who For The Prize
- Our Salvation -
Despised His Shaming
Worked Out For Us
The Way To The Heavenly Home!
Let Your Own Soul
- By Faith -
Gaze In!

Let Not Your Eyes
Nor Your Feelings
Create For Your Self
A Self-Filling Whole!
Hold On To The Faith
The Living That's Our Gift
From Christ Jesus
ANDYou Shall Live
Not Merely Exist!

Onerous Lectures
Convoluted Directions
Bearing No Specificities
Are The Work
Of The Very Devil
Encouraging Man
Into The Ways Of God
To Dig Deep!

Well ...

If God Said It!
Then Believe It!
If God Says Don't Do It!
Then Don't!

God Says Turn Away
From The Ways Of Death
Come To Jesus The Christ
In Him
There Is Everlasting Life!

Surrender Your Self
Unto Your Savior
Do Not Look Back
At The Things Left Behind!

Look Up To The Lord!
Trust His Hand Of Blessing
For In Him Is Found
Your Heavenly Reward! 

Brethren, Beloved ...

Do Not Tempt God!
Do Not Lean Unto Fables!
Do Not Be Double-Minded!
ANDDo Not Waiver As The Sea!

Please Set Your Heart
On All Things Eternal!
He Who Clothes The Grass
With Pretty Flowers
Is The One
Who Watches Over
Provides For
Is Coming Soon
To Take Home
Me And Thee!

Look To Jesus!
Love The Lord!
Follow His Leading
At The Last Trump
Heaven Is The Reward!