Thursday, August 3, 2017

Faith Is A Gate!

My Path May Lie Through The Desert!
My Path May Lie Through The Sea
The Path That My God Leads Me
Is The Path That Is The Right One For Me!

In My Dependence On My God
I Must Exercise Real Faith
Though Lying Sight Says:

"That Path Is Impossible!"

Living Faith Says:

"Get To Stepping Now - Don't You Dare To Wait!"

Faith Is A Gate Open
For The Believing One To Walk Through
Looking Neither Left Nor Right
Nor Waiting
To See Who Else
Is Going To Walk Through With You!

I Believe In The Word Of My God!
I Depend On The Daily Ration Of
Grace And Faith
I Depend On Him Who Leads Me
To Also In Love
Carry And Feed Me!

I Do Not Involve Myself In Things High
Or Things Above My Pay Grade!
I Am Satisfied With My Jesus
Desire To Do What He Asks
As He Says!

Let Me Not Question With Arrogance!
Let Me Not Walk In Pride!
Let Me Comport Myself As One Faithful
Help Me Not From Truth To Backside!

Let Me Not Wait With Reservation
Until All The Uncertainties Of Life Are Set Aside
For Therein Is Destruction!
Therein Is The Word: 

"I Have Jesus Christ Denied!"

I Thereby Show
That I Trust My Own Understanding
I No Long Safe Harbor descry!

I Am Satisfied!
I Am Contented
I Am Walking As One Free
And Yet 
I Am Also Walking As One Captive To The God
Whose Spilt Blood
Paid For My Pardon
On The Day Of Final Decision
On The Mount Called Calvary!

I Will Follow Christ, My Savior
Knowing Not
What My Lot May Be
In Faith
I Shall Surely Follow
He Alone
Is The One Who Paid
From Sin
To Free Me!