Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Like Char-Burnt Toast, Doubt Is Out!!

My Life Was In The Toilet
I Had ... No Way Out!
But, Then
I Recognized
That I Was Seeing My Life
Through Eyes That Could Not See Out!

I Stopped
I Thought ... For A Moment:

Am I Not A Child Of God?!
Why Am I Thinking ... Hopeless
My Father Is The Eternal God?!

I Took A Step
Then I Took Another
I Stopped ... In The Valley Of Decision
That Is When I Finally Realized That
Jesus' Faith
My Very Human Human Doubt
Were About To Have A Cataclysmic Collision!

Did I Believe God?
Did I Trust The Lord?
Did I Hope In The Eternal God
Living Faith
Was I A Doubting Man
Turbulently Tossed
Wavering In The Crushing Wind
At Sea
What, Lord, Is To Be Come Of Me?!

I Breathed Deeply!
Air Filled My Trembling Chest
That Is When I Firmed My Resolve
Decided To Give The Eternal God
- My Everlasting Father -
Control Of My Needing-Healing Head
The Lying Heart In My Chest!

You Are Faithful!
I Am Weak!
Please Take Care Of Me
I Cannot The Plain Way See That I Seek!

I Let Go, Lord, Of These Problems!
My Shoulders Are Not Big Enough!
I Give To You My Burden - I Love You
Please Guide Me
Through Changing-Life's Roundabout!

I Thank You, Lord
For My Blessing!
I Thank You, Lord
For The Word Of Truth!
I Thank You, Lord
For The Certain Hope Of Tomorrow!
Bless Me Again
I Am Totally Dependent Upon You!

I Laid Me Down
I Slept In Peace
In The Morning
I Awakened
Praise Be To The God Most High
My Heavy Burden
From What Used To Be A Heavy Heavy Heart
Had Unmistakably
Been Taken!

I Shouted:

Glory! Hallelujah!
Praise To The God Above!
Thank You, Lord
For The Soul Comfort!
Thank You, Lord
For Everlasting Love!

I Do Not Claim
That Life Is Perfect!
I Do Claim Kinship
To The Perfect God Above
I Choose
To Remember Each Day
That The God Above
To Whom My Life I Gave
Laid Down His Life For Me
Got Up From The Dead Man's Cold Grave
I Now Walk
No More A Prisoner
No More A Doubter
No More To Self
A Mindless Slave!

I'm Free
Of All The Burdens
That Drain Away Man's Life!
I Am Free
Of All The Burdens
That Bog Man Down In Strife!
I Am Free
To Walk
In Faith
By Grace
I Am Free
The Praises Of The Glorious King
To Mouth And Shout About!

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
Upon Fallen Man
On This Earth Below!
Praise Father
Holy Ghost
Doubt ... In My Life
Is Thrown Down
Cast Out
Not Good For Anything
Just Like So Much Char-Burnt Toast!

Human Eyes See What Is Was!
God's Eyes
See What Shall Be
- For Us -
A Prosperously Glorious Eternity

**--** WHEN **--**

Trust Him
To Lead Us
Out Of
Doubt's ... Raging Sea!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

PRAYER... Of Faith, Hope And Love!

Hand Of Mercy! 

Hand Of Love! 
You Who Dwell In Heaven Above
Have Mercy
On Us Who In Faith Pray
Bless Us To Walk Ever
On The Straight And Narrow Way!

Bless Us, Lord

Help Our Faith To Work
Constrain Us
So That From Our Station Of Duty
We Do Not As Doubters Desert!


Let Your Grace
Be Sufficient For Us Today
Help Us To Guard Our Hearts
So That Unto Fables
We Do Not Turn Away!

Have Mercy On Those Who

By Foisted Deception
Before The Graven Images
The Popular Idols Fall! 

Please Open Their Eyes
Let The Occluding Scales Fall! 
Grant Unto Them Wisdom
The Lie And The Liar To Detect
Help Them And Protect Them

As By Your Blessed Call
From The Ways Of Damnation
They Defect!

Help Us

Who Call Jesus Christ
Sovereign Lord And Holy God! 
Save Us
So That We May In Him
By Him
With Him
To The Great Reward!

Let No One
- Man Pretending He Is God
Devil Demanding Worship As God - 
Cause Us In Fear
To Turn Aside
And Keep Us
Ever At Your Side! 
Let Us In You Abide!

Time Is Short

The Path To Glory Seems Long
Eternal God
Our Father
Please Help Us
To Keep Singing
A Zion Happy Song!


Let No One Kill
Our Hope-In-God Tree! 
Help Us
In Our Fight For Soul Salvation
In Christ Jesus
Valiant Be!

Help Us To Walk Worthy
Redeeming The Time
Bless Us To Be Found
Good Stewards Working
E'er Death Claim Us
Before The End Of Man's 
End Of Earth's
End Of Sin's 

Help The Brethren

Near And Far
To Awaken From Sleep!
Succor Those Who Are Struggling
Help Them To Stand On Steady Feet!

Let Your Most Holy Word Be

And Food
Should We Sin Against Thee
Help Us To Avail Ourselves
Of Your Forgiveness
Expensively Purchased
For The Asking
Offered Unto Us

Help Us

In You
To Rest Easy
Being Instant Constant
In Prayer
Living As Victors
For We Know
The Story Ends!
We Know The King
We Know What The Good Book Says!


I Love You! 
Please Accept My Offering Of Pray
And Bless Me In Your Service
To Continue Each Day! 
Let Not Faith Fail
Let Not Planned Sin
Upon Me Creep
Help Me To Live In Your Love
That Says
The Loving Shepherd
Keeps Safe His Sheep!

Blessed Assurance! 

The Lord Jesus Is Mine! 
Come Soon, Loving Father
You Who Are Ever Kind! 
Let Your Divine Majesty
Burst On Our Sight
Thrilling Us With Rapture
For It Is Our Will
- To You Surrendered -
To Take Our Much Anticipated Flight! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fearless And Shameless!

Hyper Critical
Sudden Lee
Knoet All
Simme Here
Were Into Everything
No Matter
The Date The Time
The Place The Matter!
They Ever Always Enjoy
A Lovely, Lovely, Natter!
... At Someone Else's Expense!

Hyper Critical
Sudden Lee
Knoet All
Simme Here
- If It Were Possible -
Would Criticize Even
The God Of Heaven
Have Even Criticized The Dead
For How In A Casket
The Undertaker Placed That's Person's Head!

Not One Single Thing
Could This Bass Soprano Alto Tenor Trio
Ever See As Good
No Matter Who It Is
That Is Doing It!

Wait A Minute!
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass -
That's A Quartet!
But You Say It Is A Trio!
How, Pray Tell
Is THAT Possible?!

Simple, My Brother!
Whenever The Music Starts
Sudden Lee Hyper Critical
Sings The Solo!

Man, You Talking Bare Ignorance!


Excuse Me?!

Silly Rabbit ...
When Sudden Lee AND Hyper Critical
Are In The Midst Of Anything
You Cannot Tell Them Apart
Because They Merrrrrge Into Each Other
Becoming One Voice
Wreak Havoc Upon Whomever
Is The Target Of Their Tender Mercies!

With Those Two
There Is No Preamble!
They Do A Join And Jump
Simme Here
Knoet All
Fill In The Chorus!

You Better Explain Yourself!

Sudden Lee
Has A Part
- An Upfront Part -
In Every Story!
Simme Here Likes To Be Seen
As Her Glorious Plumage Unfurls!
- She Is A Peahen  In Peacock Plumage - 
Knoet All Has The Pointy Stick
Hyper Critical Twirls
With His Technicolor Baton!

These Musically Inharmoniously-Jubilant Racketeers
Make Music
At The Will Of The Fraud
When They Are Done Performing
You Can Be Sure
Someone Will Feel
That They Have Been Rolling Around
In The Stomach
Of A Mangy Dog!

Kinda Graphic Don'tcha Think?!

It Is What It Is!

Look ...

I Shall Be Plain:

People Who Like To Be Seen
People Who Like To Be Heard
Have No Problem Creating Fictions
So That They May Preach
The Sermon Of The Day
People Who Know Everything
People Who Like To Be At Every Dog Fight
Have No Problem
Setting UP Somebody Anybody
For The Flavor-Of-The-Month-Dog
Out Of Them
To Take A Big, Big, Bite!

This Little Group Of Hell Hounds
Fear Not God Nor Man
If Doing You A Damage
Gets Them A Jolly
From Turning Your Life
Into Cole Slaw Cabbage
Believe It
You Are Going To Get Ravaged

One Of The Worst Things
About These Felons
Is That They Answer
Before The Question Is Asked
It Is Because Of This "Delicate Attribute"
That Many Lives Are Embittered
Unnecessary Suits Enjoined!

Problem Is
They Who Create The Problems
Are Never Around To Fix
What They Break!

You're Right!
They Take The Cake! 

They're Honest-To-Goodness Fakes!

I'm Hungry!
You Got Any Bakes?!

Sunday, November 19, 2017


There Is No Such Thing As Instant Sanctification!
Sanctification Is A Work That Continues
As Long As Life Shall Last!
It Does Not Consist Of Strong Emotion
Nor Is It Proved 
- Nor Disproved -
By Whether We Laugh Or Cry!

Many Walk Around Crying:

The Lord!
The Lord Wholly Sanctified Me! 
We Walk And We Talk
And I ...
I Am Wholly Holy!

BUT ...

They Live Like Devils
Spreading A Miasma All Around
Setting On Edge The Teeth Of Those 
Trying Trying
Not To Cause God 
At Them Frown!

Why Do They Do It?!
What Are They Trying To Prove?!
Who Are They Impressing?!
Don't They Realize That They Have Much To Lose?!

Don't They Honestly Read The Good Book?
Do They Not Grasp The Word ...

Work Out Your Own Soul's Salvation
With Fear And Trembling!
Work For Night Is Coming When No Man Can Work!
Faith Without Work Is ... Dead!
Christ Is Coming To Reward Every Man According To His ... Work!
Man Is Sanctified By God's Truth!
Faith Comes By Hearing!?

The Word Of God
ISThe Word Of Truth
If The Word Of Truth In Us Works
Should Not We Cooperate With The Working Word
Via The Working Of The Holy Spirit
By Working To Change Bad Character Traits
Into Christ-Like Traits
So That He Who Started The Good Work In Us
May Finish It
In The Day Of God Almighty?!

The Narrow Way To Sure Salvation
Whosoever Will
Paved With Sweat Equity
The Bricks Of Believing Effort
The Groove Of Steadfast Faith
By Unwavering Trust
By True Repentance And Complete Confession
By Free Mercy
The Back Of Available Grace
Complete Forgiveness!

There Are No Slackers Aka Loafers
Admitted Into Heaven
- On A Free Pass -
Just Because They
- As Fools -
Thought It Too Much Work
To Much Trouble
To Lift Up The Spoon Full Of Truth 
To Their Own Mouth
To Stave Off Soul Starvation!

There Will Be None In Heaven
Who Did Not Tend The Good Seed Sown In Them
Patiently Labor
In The Wait Time
A Bountiful Harvest!

How Is
Your Sanctification
Being Worked Out?!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH : The Maker Of ... Me! + PRAYER: I Desire To Live With You, Lord!

The Maker Of... Me
Said In His Love Letter To Me

"Follow Me!"

He Also Said To Me ...

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun
Call On Me And I Will Answer Thee
And Show Thee Great Things That Thou Knowest Not!
Followed By
Come Unto Me And Rest!
Believe And Live!
Sin Is A Reproach To Any People!

The Kicker Was:

Confess Your Sin And Repent!

He Did Not Suggest It!
He Clearly Said ...

God Is Faithful And Just To Forgive Me My Sin
And To Cleanse Me From All Unrighteousness!

He Beseeched Me 
To Trust God
God's Grace Is Sufficient For Me!

I Heard ...

Hope Thou In God
Get Understanding
Remember That
Wisdom Is The Principal Thing!

He Said:

Fear God
And Keep His Commandments
For It Is My - Man's - Duty
God Will Bring Every Work Into Judgment
Even The Things I Hide
Be They Good Or Evil!

He Urged Me, Saying ...

Do Not Follow The Multitude To Do Evil!
Cast Your Every Care On God!
My Redeemer Lives!
God Be Praised

The Lord Liveth To Make Intercession For Me!

The Lord, Himself, Says ...

Don't Walk In Your Own Understanding
Walk By Faith Not Sight
Let No One Steal Your Crown
Weeping Lasts For A Night
Joy Comes In The Morning
Choose You This Day Which God You Will Serve
Those Who Serve False Gods Are Like Unto Them!

The Maker Of ... Me
In His Love Letter To Me

Is There Anything Too Hard For Me?"

In Response To This
I Pray And Say
Unto The Maker
My Maker
The Lord
My God:


Have Mercy On Me!
Help Thou My Unbelief!

I Was A Child!
I Did Childish Things!
I Am Growing Up!
Help Me To Put Away Childish Things!
Help Me To Honor You, Lord
Love You
 Trust You And Obey!

Help Me, Lord
To Live In Your Love
Above The Frustrations
Sorrows And Sadness
Wants And Worries
Needs And Necessities
Cares And Concerns
Because You Have Said
I Will Never Leave You
Forsake You!

You Have Also Said
In The Letter Of Love
That If I Am In Hell
There Will You Be With Me
That There Is No Place That I Can Go
Absent Your Spirit
That You Know All
That You See All
That You Are In All
That You Count The Hairs On My Head
That You Knew Me
Before I Was Made Perfect
That You Know My Name
That You Feel My Pain
That I Am Blessed
By Not Walking
In The Counsel Of The Ungodly
That I Am Blessed When I Mourn
For I Shall Be Comforted
That I Should Do Good
Good Shall Attend Me
That I Should Not Cast Away
My Confidence In Christ
Which Has Great Recompense Of Reward
That You Are Preparing A Place For Me
That You Are Coming Again For ... Me
That Your Gift To Me
Eternal Life
That You Give Peace
That Passes
Human Understanding
That Your Grace Is Marvellous
That Angels Are Watching Over Me
That If I Wait On You, Lord
That I Shall Mount Up With Wings As Eagles
That I Shall Run And Not Be Weary
That I Shall Walk And Not Faint!

You Have Promised, Lord
That In The Hour Of My Trial
That My Jesus Will Plead For Me!

You Have Promised Me, Lord
Faith And Grace
According To My Need
For The Day!

You Have Promised Me, Lord
That For My Fidelity
To The Holy God
That My Bread And Water
Are Sure!

You Are God!
You Keep Your Promises!
I Am A Mere Man
A Child Of The Dust!
When You Feed Me I Live!
If You Take Away My Breath
It Is Sure That I Shall Die
I Am Alive
In Need
Please Pity Me!
Help Me To Love You!
Help Me To Love Your Word!
Help Me To Seek Your Face
To Get Out
From Amongst The Disobedient
That Tribe Called Goat Herd!
Help Me To Live As An Obedient Sheep!

Help Me, Lord
To ... In Humility
Cast My Self And My Problems
With Finality
At Your Precious Feet!

Let Not My Soul Be Cast Down!
Let Not My Soul
Be Dispirited Within Me
For I Hope In God
Who Is My Strength
My Salvation!

Teach Me Your Ways
Help Me To Walk In Them!
Let Your Word Be My Lamp
Let It Light My Path!
Let My Path Lead to Zion
The City Of The Eternal
- My God -
Where I
With All The Saints
- My Brethren -
Shall Partake
The Great Reward!

I Love You!
I Desire To Live
According To Your Sovereign Will -
Please Make It So
So That I May See My Jesus
As Conquering King
In Joyous Peace!

Forgive Me Of My Sin Today!
Forgive Me For It Is To The Holy God I Pray!
Forgive Me E'er I Crucify My Jesus Afresh
Help Me Not To Use
The Feigned Excuse
That I Am But Flesh!

Keep Me Faithful, Father
For I Acknowledge That
Christ Is My Portion Forever! 

Harken To My Call
And Do For Me
All That The Holy God Will Do
For His Believing
Determined To Be Faithful Child!
In Jesus' Holy Name
I Humbly Plead!