Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prayer: Father, I Know You ...

Father, I know You have a purpose
For me being here and alive
I ask You for the wisdom
To help me to live right, and to thrive!

Help me to strive for the Kingdom
Not for wealth, position, nor fame
Not knowledge, nor power, nor access
Except to the One who alone can save!

Help me not to give a hearing
To those who would make me feel small
For their lives are so petty and trivial
That making me sad would give them a ball!

Father, I am seeking for that City
The City that is built four-square
Where my God, the Lord of the Ages
Has for me a great banquet prepared!

I want to sing with the saints of all ages
I want to walk those streets of gold
I want to praise my God, Hallelujah
When my Jesus Christ I behold!

Lord, I Need To Hate ...

Lord, I need to hate sin and Satan
Because I love Jesus, My Lord
Give me Your love and great courage
And help me make that hate real lest I fall!

Satan is dogging my footsteps
More it seems with each passing day
Trying to make me believe, the Old Liar
That You really don’t care after all!

I know well that Satan is the liar
I know well that Jesus Christ is really real
I know well that I need to possess Your character
Bless me, Lord, upon this thorny trail!

Father, the trials I face are so many
The blessings I see seem few, and far between
But I know it’s all a deadly delusion
To make me doubt You and act the part of an old fool!

Give me, this day, another victory
Give me another day to - in faith - stand tall
Give me another point of light to my favor
Make me a star for my Jesus, My Lord, My All!

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Seventh Day Documentary - Revelations From The Lost Pages of History

Dear Ones:

A blessed and Happy Sabbath to you!

I am presenting a full showing of The Seventh Day Documentary as narrated by the actor Hal Holbrook.

The Seventh Day Documentary is a beautiful production, often times difficult to watch, but well worth the effort.

The production is in eleven (11) parts for approximately 5 1/2 hours of viewing. And ... its NOT about Seventh-day Adventists or the Jews! It is about our faithful and bible-believing fore-parents and what they endured to keep the Sabbath Day of the 4th Commandment holy.


Fascination with the Forbidden

What is this fascination with the forbidden
That’s front and center, and out there
Urging all to come forward
And delve into something rare?

What is our need to know who
Created God or who is His mother?
How He hides the entry portals from us
And does His eyes ever blink or flutter?

Why do we need to know if, when, how
He grants immortality?
Or why He allows evil to prosper
When we faithfully do good, am poor, and worshiping He?

Why do we need to know how 
To extend this mortal life
When He who created us promised
To grant us everlasting life?

Why do we need to “talk” to
Those beings who have not fallen from Grace
Nor have chosen to exalt self
Nor tried to take Jesus’ place?

Let me get to the point here
Ignorance itself can be a curse
And maliciousness can be even worse
But delving into what don’t concern us
Will lay us out in a black hearse!

Stop being so darned gipsy
Looking into things above your pay grade
Be thankful that the Lord is the Shepherd
And that we belong to The Heard!

Satan is a liar - and the father of lies!
His word to you is do what thou wilt
But, hey? Look at all the flies
That cover up the bloated soul/corpses 
That he's gained with his myriad lies!

Don’t you know that Christ IS the answer?
Don’t you know that Christ guides and stays?
Don’t you know that Christ gladly listens?
Don’t you know that The Christ gladly answers our prayers?

So if you want to know something - or anything
Walk the straight path into the narrow opening way
Keep your eyes fixed, your heart set, on Jesus
Believe Him for He who IS can deliver
And will answer all at the Changing 
To Everlasting Day!



Keep You Eyes Open
Keep Your Mouth Closed
Mind Your Own Business
God Is In Control!

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pray Is God’s Shield!

Pray is God’s shield
Between us and destruction
Pray is God’s shield
Between us and the Foe
Do not neglect pray
Our Savior prayed - and recommended it
Pray is God’s shield
Stand firm - it can take a blow!

Pray is God’s shield
To keep us from sinning
Pray is God’s shield
To cover our souls
Pray is God’s shield
You won’t go wrong when you’re wearing it
Pray is God’s shield
Hold on - and bask in the Glow!

Pray is God’s shield
Pray now, pray right now, and pray later
Pray is God’s shield
God made us and He is keeping His vow
To watch over us, and protect all His Children
Pray is God’s shield
He won’t leave you! Call Him now!

Dear Ones:

Please, please, please do not neglect your prayer life no matter what is going on in your personal or professional life!

Even if you don’t know what to say, calling upon the name of Jesus Christ will work wonders for whatever is ailing you! The Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words (Romans 8:26) and, in the name of Jesus Christ, our requests are presented to God!


1. We pray to the Father, in the name of the Son, under the agency of the Holy Spirit.
2. Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock Heaven’s Storehouse!
3. Faith is the hand by which the soul takes hold upon Divine offers of Grace and Mercy!
4. We should pray the Promises of God!
5. “Yes!”, “No!”, “Wait!”, and “My Grace Is Sufficient For You!” are all God’s answers to our several prayers!
6. If we received everything for which we pray, we would be viewing our lives from inside the toilet, or worse!


1. God does not answer our prayers if we are holding on to known sin! Your prayer, in this view, is an abomination to God! So... confess your sin and THEN present your petitions!
2. Your Requests and God’s Calendar are not in alignment! It is all in God’s Delivery Time (GDT)! and
3. Never doubt Jesus’ Love for it dishonors God!

Be well, and be gloriously blessed,


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prayer: Lord, Help Me Not To Make Shipwreck!

Lord, help me not to make shipwreck
Upon the sandy shoals
Of name or rank or talent
Let me upon Christ take hold!

Help me to set aside my self, Lord
Help me, Lord, to lift You up
Give me the strength to give my back to
The accolades of men from the bitter cup!

I beseech You, Lord, for the blessings
That keep my sight raised high
To the Temple of The Eternal
To my mansion in the sky!

Until the Day of Awarding
When Saints have been glorified
Let me not make shipwreck of my faith, Lord
By believing Old Satan's lies!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Prayer: Lord, Fix Me

Lord, slough off my outer skin
The one that's marked/marred by sin
And let it be revealed today
A new, clean, heart within.

Debride me, Oh, Lord,
Layer by layer
And let the light of Your Life
Germinate and flower.

Remove from me
Pride and greed
Give me a humble heart
And some good seed
Worthy to be planted
Among Your people
Uplifting, encouraging
Helpful - not boastful.

Remove from me self and gluttony
Lord, give me instead
A heart filled to overflowing with You
Willing to feed the people - the milling, the dread!

Remove from me, Lord
The chalice of malice
And give me instead a good braided lattice
Whereupon I may hang Your Word
Oft’ to be repeated
Ever to be heard.

Lord, make me anew, and
Help me to eschew
The lowered life that I led - the fainting heart that I stewed!
Pour out the Love Balm, and
Hold Thou my hand
And help me be a a worthy member of
Your Glory Band. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

To Whom Do You Sing Your Praise?

When you sing the message
Are you really singing to God
Or are you putting on a performance
For someone who isn’t the Lord?

Are you praising, or performing
Are you putting on a show
Which does not praise Your Creator
Because it praises the world?

Think once, think twice, I beseech
Know to whom you’re giving your praise
Make sure it’s to Your Creator
The Ancient One of Days!

Don’t fall into the trap that
Satan has placed for the world
By saying that whatever/however you’re singing
All music to the King is all praise!

Old Satan, the Old Minister of Music
Is alive, and kicking, and well
Able to blind you with his tricks
To perform music that give him his kicks!

He writes the songs that make this world sing
He lays the beats that makes Saints retreat
From lewdness, lechery and looseness
From rhythms that sends sinners to use bongs.

This same music is stomping into the Church of
God, the Father, the Spirit, the Son
Hijacking the old Saints from the praises
To honor Him, the Worthy, the Lamb!

Our God is the God of All Order
His Angels sing praise in majesty
Swelling and ringing, triumphant
Praising the God who loves humanity.

So, again, I ask you: “Who are YOU praising
When you sing the gospel message today?
Is it the God of All Creation OR
The god who leads children astray?"

Dear Ones:

When we, as singers and musicians, allow ourselves to become the focus, and center, of attention by our "performance," as we “praise” God in song, we are praising our selves, for we have allowed ourselves to accept the praise and worship that belongs solely to the God of Heaven.

Let us, therefore, be very, very careful ... that we do not find ourselves in the position in which King Herod found himself for accepting the worship, and adulation, that rightfully belonged to Almighty God.

Acts 12:21-23

21 On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. 
22 They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.”
23 Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

Satan has made it painfully clear that his sworn task is to deflect worship from the God of Heaven by any means necessary, and available.

Even if our “worship” does not name Satan himself, he seeks to ensure that if he can't get it, that God, Himself, does not receive same by encouraging us to believe that we, too, are gods, hence the designations we hear of godfather and empress and myriad divas (goddesses) of music, which appalling, even revolting, appellations are finding themselves in our houses of worship!

Lord, have mercy on us, and help us to see You as You are, and worship You - forgetting self - for You, alone, are worthy!

Be well, and be gloriously blessed,


Friday, January 23, 2015

Victory IS Mine!

Lord, purge me with hyssop
That I may be clean
I don’t need their sys-op
For those people are real mean!

Their plans are inhuman
I trust God to relieve
Me of their experiments
To make me immortal
When God said: “Not these!"

God’s Word is immutable
His commandment will stand
“Get behind me!” Old Satan
Our God ain’t a man
To play with His creatures
As cats play with mice
You are the great liar!
You've filled men with vice!

I trust God to deliver me!
I trust God to care
For me in this battle
Which vile men declare 
Is their’s for their number is numerous
Our numbers are few
BUT we have King Jesus
So there is nothing to lose!

Victory is mine
For when this life is lost
The King of Creation
Will wake me at the last
Trumpet of Awakening -
New life will be mine!
New Life in Eternity!
New Day with the Divine
Lord of the Kingdom!
Hello!?! Victory IS mine!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trust Thou in God

When enemies, crass, knock at your door
Don’t hold your head!
Don’t fall on the floor!
Trust in your God,
Almighty, He
For in His face
All enemies flee!

One you, plus God
Equal a majority!
So feel sorry for those
Who fall from dignity
By trying their best
To destroy a child whom
God through Jesus Christ has blessed!

You are a human -
Your God is not!
So wipe the snot from your face
And trust in God’s grace
Which flows abundantly
And free to those
Who trust the Almighty!

Listen to me well
I’ll tell you a truth
Look to Jesus who
Is always in view
You don’t need to look out
Nor over nor through
Reach out to Jesus
He’s right next to you!

Trust thou in God -
He is the Great Creator!
Trust thou in God -
He made provision for you!
Trust thou in God -
He knows you, your wants, your upsets!
Trust thou, Dear One, in God!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lies Have Been Told!

Lies have been told
And I believed many
That our God was cold
And didn't give a half-penny
For our sordid lives
Filled with wars and with strife
Nor children dying before they’d seen life!

'Twas often I heard
What kind of God he
Who let daddies die
Before ever seeing baby
Or Mommy so sad
At being left behind
Turning on the ignition
And waiting for to die?

Oh, Father, there was a time when
I, too, wondered how
You could see such sorrow
And not correct it and disavow
Your hand in the occurrence
Your assent to despair
Your ignoring the hurting
The hearts filled with cares?

But one day with gladness
I finally saw the truth
Of how that Old Satan
Was stirring the stew
Of half-truth, dissembling,
Out-right lies and fabricates
Fooling man into believing
That You were cut-bait!

I read in the Bible
The Truth of the matter
That Satan, The Liar
The Trier, The Fire
Will do anything
To destroy what Jesus’ blood
Had covered in the cleansing flood!

Take Job for example
A righteous man, he
Who gave of his blessings
To secure so many!
Yet, Satan, in distaste
For this Man’s clear soul
Sought permission from Our Lord
To cause Job to leave hold
Of the Sanctuary of Safety
Because God’s hedgerow had holes!

But, Job, a true believer
Faithful, e'en kind he, and true
To the High Calling that is ours
Through eyes that were faithful
Never uttered those dread words of denial!

He lifted clear eyes to heaven
His voice he loudly raised
And uttered undeniable
And glorious praise!
Which words now for eons
Have caused Saints to hold on to
The Savior, for hope in the Beyond:
"I know  my Redeemer liveth
I know He shall stand
The latter day is coming
Upon earth He will stand
Though worms may eat me
I know I will see
My God, the Eternal
In this flesh, yes, I'll see!"

So don’t be discouraged
When sorrow and strife come
When sadness and suffering
When your life’s in the can
The God of the Mountain
The Lord of the Light
Has victories most precious
For those who endure the fight!

Let not the Evil One sway you
Don’t utter foul words
Of  denial of the Master
Don’t give Satan the last word!

We have won the victory
Our bodies they may burn
But our souls belong to our God
For in this Word we learn:

"That GOD so loved the world
That He with gladness gave
His Son, only begotten
That we might be saved."

The trials may be fiery
The darts may be fierce
Our hearts they may pierce through
But our souls they can’t stave!

Lift high, then, His banner
Sing loud the victor’s song
Jesus, the Savior
Will soon be coming down
To claim - for Himself - the faithful
The steadfast, the true
Those who for the Promise
Black doings went through!

He comes with all dispatch
The sky breaking through
The Angels are the escort
He is coming for me and you
Who held on for Christ’s life
A crown of glory to share
With all the blessed throng
To whom white robes do belong!

Sing praise through the storm
Sing praise through the fire
Sing praise to our Jesus
For Satan is ever a liar!

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Father, You provide my daily bread
You give me somewhere to lay my head
Let me never Your Way depart and
Keep the Love of Jesus ever in my heart. 

Happy Sabbath!

Today I pray
I sing a glad song
The Angels draw near
The Savior is present
Before Him I bow -
The Lord of The Sabbath
Who blessed me, and how!

Heavenly Father, I thank You, I bless You
And a glad song I raise 
Before the Dear Savior who with great joy I praise
For living, for loving, for dying and raising
Again to Your Presence -
The Ancient of  Days
So that I may come boldly
No failing, no fear
To receive of the Blessing
That daily You share.
Thank You, Lord! Amen.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Gift Of Choice!

Love demands the gift of choice
And Jesus gave that to us
Freedom to choose to do His will
Or  live to self, and swallow the bitter pill!

Love has no obligation
Love has no you know you must
Love has no focus on the self
Love has no gimme, nor does it lust!

Love is patient, Love is kind
Love does not mutter nor repine
Love is to labor for the right
Love presses onward to the light!

Love when returned benefits the soul!
Love when it responds lifts up its horn
And sings to all the world the song

"Jesus is Love Alive! Come and be reborn!"

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Is Your All On The Altar - Sabbath Prayer and Blessing

Bless the Lord, Oh, my soul! And all that is within me, bless His Holy Name!

Father, we come before You on another Sabbath Day and thank You for this opportunity to stand before You in quietness, and in peace, and safety.

We thank You, Lord, for the Blessed Assurance that makes us able to stand before You redeemed, justified, and sanctified, all because of Jesus.

Thank You, Lord, for the myriad blessings You have bestowed upon us during the hours of the week now past, and for numerous blessings You will bestow upon us before this Sabbath is over.

Father, we thank You for the gift of Calvary. We thank You for the roofs You caused to be placed over our heads, the food You bountifully placed upon our tables, for good health, for supple strength, for loving friends, and devoted family, and we especially prayer for straights paths for our children,

Have mercy, Lord, on the leaders of our various nations and assemblies, and we ask You to open their eyes so that they may see that You, the Most High God, rules over the affairs of men, and that Your Will is sovereign. Help them, Lord, to return to the old way-marks whereby there is safety.

Father, we pray for Your children around the planet who are facing stiff opposition for their faith in the Lord, Christ, for their standing for truth, for right-living, and for love of the Edenic family. Oh, Lord, have mercy on us.

We pray, Father, for the presence of the Holy Angels to surround and guard, and guide each and every member of the Family of God, and we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in double portion, and for the direction that only the Spirit of God can provide so that we may speak powerfully of the Gospel of Christ to this dying world.

Father, we beseech You to help us to sit still and listen... to the Quiet Voice, and grant us spiritual ears to hear, and the will to obey, and to place our all on the Altar of Sacrifice. Help us to let go of our reigns to the Holy Spirit, and let Him take control of our will, our ways, our days and our years.

We ask You to help us to STOP, as ordained of the Sabbath, and to rest, and find refreshing from the hustle and bustle that marked each weary day of the work-week. Please quiet our minds, our thoughts, and our actions so that we may indeed be filled from the Storehouse of Heaven, and be blessed.

We ask You, Lord, to help us to live as the peacemakers, the hungry and the thirsty after righteousness, the meek, the merciful, the mournful, the pure in heart, the poor in spirit, the persecuted for righteousness sake, the salt of the earth, and as light in and to this dark world, so that we may obtain the blessings of Christ. Help us to rejoice, and to be exceedingly glad for the great reward that awaits us Heaven.

Grant us Your Grace, Lord, to stand firm, to the end of our days, so that we may be counted worthy to be citizens of the Kingdom, and to receive our robes, and our crowns.

Father, please bury Heaven deep within each of our souls until the Day breaks when we shall see King Jesus.

We love You, Lord, and we thank You for hearing and answering the prayers of Your believing children. AMEN.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rambling: Because of Sin

Because of Sin

Because of sin these old bones are a-creaking
Because of sin these eyes just don’t quite see fine
Because of sin I covet, I steal, and cheat the tax collector
And pretend to all that my life here is sublime!

I need a God - the one that can hear me
I need a God that can answer my prayers
I need a God who is always at the ready
The God in whose hands I have been stained!

I’m not into divas for they are  just idols
The only goddess I recognize is potty porcelain
The only God I believe in is the Almighty
For everything else is just plainly profane!

I am sick and tired of being sick, and being tired
I am sick and tired of sin’s humongous cost to me
I am sick and tired of this old world and where it’s headed
And can’t wait for Jesus to come and rescue me!

All around me nothing is what it appears to be
All around me is death, dying and decay
All around me there seems to be no hope for
Mouth giants without substance are holding sway!

Oh Lord, You know that this heart is feeble
Oh Lord, You know that my courage is ready to fail
Oh Lord, help me to stand up on Your Word, and
Give me Your strength to help me to hold strain!

Father, I bless You and, yes, I do reverence You!
Father, I bless You for Jesus taking the blame
For, Father, without Him, without His sacrifice, His dying
I would live my life as though sinning is something really game!

But ... because Jesus Christ took on the form of a servant
But ... because Jesus Christ took off His divinity
Because His heart hurt so badly for humanity
Because He suffered, bled, died and resurrected to Glory
Father, I can come freely unto to thee!

Thank God for Jesus!

Father, please keep us faithful, and ever in an attitude of readiness, for The Day is hastening toward us! Amen.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Heavenly Father, Hear My Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear my prayer!
 My prayer is humble simple
If not, Holy Spirit make clear.
I need to be with my Jesus
Help me to Him draw closer, and
May Your Holy Angels hover near!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Return of Jesus Christ

Born in a stable
To a virgin young

Baptised and was tempted
Preached, and did heal the throng

Scourged and crucified
Nails one, two and three

Rose on the third day
He returned to Glory

Holy Ghost as fire came down
The promised Comforter had come

Reject, or accept Him
 He’s coming back anyhow

The trumpet is sounding
The King is on His way

Every eye will see
Every tongue will confess

For some - He'll be The Hope Received!
For others - He'll be Dear Lord, We've Been Deceived!

Father, help us all to make the right decision. AMEN.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I Want The LOG!

I Want the LOG!

Sarah and Clita were little girls who lived a simple life, in a simple village, in a simple house, and were reared by simple parents.

Yup. Their lives were simple, but oh so amazing, because of the log that their parents insisted upon them learning about, and making it an integral part of their lives.

At first, learning about the log seemed so silly!

“Why do we need to learn about the log?” asked Clita.

“We see logs fallen around the house, and in the woods, all the time!” whined Sarah.

“Now, children. Listen carefully!” said Papa.

“This log is not just any old tree, or any piece of old wood! This log is the Lamb of God!”

“The Lamb of God?!” exclaimed Sarah and Clita in stereo.

“Yes!” crowed Papa. “The log IS the LAMB OF GOD!”

“You see, a long time ago, before the fall of the human race, Almighty God, The Word, and The Spirit, agreed that Jesus, the Son of the Father, the Lamb without Blemish, the Pet, if you will, would pay the ultimate price for sin after man disobeyed the Almighty and sinned.”

“Jesus was His Father's pet, and His was the blameless life to be sacrificed as a lamb without spot, or blemish, to die, once, for all, so that we might be redeemed from death!”

“Jesus, also the Author of Life and the Bread of Life, took sin unto Himself, which sin lead unto death, to give sinful man, like us, new life by His personal sacrifice!”

“The Pet Lamb, The Favorite, The Blessed Hope, The Hope of Glory, The Way, The Truth, The Life, The Deliverer, Our Friend, gave his righteous life for our sinful one!”

“The Best of Heaven took the worst of earth so that men may be renewed and reformed -in order to conform to The Consolation - so that our filthy rags may be restored to the newness of life!

“The LOG. leads to Light, and gives Life!”

“Always remember the LOG for He IS ... the Lamb of God!”

Sarah and Clita cheered, and were forever blessed for having learned of The Lamb of God!

Won't you join them?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bold Sinners

Bold Sinners

They sin by day, they sin by night
They see no reason not to fight
The Holy Spirit is calling them
To repentance – but He has no hold on them?!
Or so they say!

They please no man, they please no friend
On Jesus Christ they don't depend
They want to know what good for them God has ever done
And proudly walk away seeking more mischief to run!
Against people they believe defenseless!

And when they've filled their cups to overflowing
Almighty God checks their balances to see their owings
And when they see the price to be paid
They think that He has some great mistake made!
God doesn't use accountants! God has Recording Angels!

O fickle fate! A fateful fit
Is what they have, when they receive the initial hit
But proudest sinners that they be
See no reason to bow down to the King, whoever he!?
The King of Love!

So, then, for their pride, their intentional arrogance
The humbling hand of God upon them is felt
Until they acknowledge that God Almighty o'er all rules
The choice is theirs – bow, bend or break – they get to choose!
You love God - Bow before Him!
You know you are a sinner - Bend to His Will!
You are your own god ... Break ... Good night.

Dear Ones: 

Let us be careful how we walk about this earth. All of our decisions have consequences - not just for now, but as it pertains to New Earth. So, I beg you, please answer the Savior when He calls you, while His hand of chastening is light, and while you've got an opportunity your life to renew! We are assuredly running out of "play" time!




Friday, January 2, 2015




Like lightning! Flashing
From east to west
That’s how my Lord shall come!
All eyes on earth shall Him behold
And no one shall be wondering
“Who comes?!”

Until that day
False Christs shall abound
Fooling the people
With miracles profound
So that if possible the very elect, too
Will be following them around!

Let no one deceive you!
That’s what the Master said
There be crooks and robbers so don’t be misled
For I’ve told you plainly, and well in advance
So don’t let Satan deceive you 
And on your prosperity prance!

Keep watch!
And pray!
Call me!
I hear and I care!!
Evil concupiscence forswear!
My coming is very near!

Luke 21:34-36Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares. 35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prayer: Grant Me The Mercy of Heaven!

Father, my heart is open to Your leading - grant me the mercy of Heaven!
Help me not to trust to, nor trust in, luck!
Help me Father to daily seek Your face 
as I travel along life’s pathways in this New Year.
Help me, Father, not to look with eyes of covetousness 
upon the dainties of those around me, for I do not know 
how the acquired their possessions, nor do I want to know, and
help me to stay contented with Your provision, whatever that may be.
Father, I ask for spiritual blinkers to be placed upon my eyes 
so that I can only see the straight path ahead, 
and help me to not yield to the temptations of the baubles and bounties 
of this dark world as they walk beside me to entice me from Your Light.
Even though I can’t store up earthly sustenance already utilized, 
help me to store Your spiritual food deep in my heart 
against the dark days that shall soon befall all men. 
Father, I am weak! 
Help me to be strong by, and in, Your Light for You say in Your word that 
Your strength is made perfect in weakness!
Father, I ask You to forgive me my sins,  
those I have remembered and confessed, 
and those long-forgotten and unconfessed sins, 
and I beseech You to help me to forgive myself,
 and to walk ever forward in faith. 
Today, Lord, I lay me down on the altar of sacrifice 
and I ask Your acceptance of my offering 
for Jesus' blood has made me clean.
I thank You for the many blessings 
You have already bestowed upon me, Lord, 
those seen and unseen, 
those known and unknown, 
those unexpected, and those unappreciated, 
and I earnestly pray for the soon coming of our Lord, Christ.
Father, I beseech You, by Your Grace, and in mercy, 
to bless me time and again so that I may bless another. 
Help me not to be tight-fisted with Your bounty 
but to open my hand, and my heart, to truly bless others in word, and in deeds,
so that Your Name may be glorified.
Help me, Father, to contend valiantly for the Faith, 
and keep me on the straight and narrow way to Glory.
Through it all, Father, keep me from becoming like Lot's wife.
Help me, Lord, not to look back, 
neither literally, nor figuratively as in my heart for what was.
Help me to look to what is possible to a life lived in You.
Help me to trust You, and in You, especially when I can't see You.
Help me, Lord, to love even as Jesus loves, and please engender
within me an unquenchable longing for ... Home,
for I am a pilgrim, and a stranger, in this vale of tears.
Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer. 
I love You, Lord.