Saturday, January 31, 2015

Prayer: Father, I Know You ...

Father, I know You have a purpose
For me being here and alive
I ask You for the wisdom
To help me to live right, and to thrive!

Help me to strive for the Kingdom
Not for wealth, position, nor fame
Not knowledge, nor power, nor access
Except to the One who alone can save!

Help me not to give a hearing
To those who would make me feel small
For their lives are so petty and trivial
That making me sad would give them a ball!

Father, I am seeking for that City
The City that is built four-square
Where my God, the Lord of the Ages
Has for me a great banquet prepared!

I want to sing with the saints of all ages
I want to walk those streets of gold
I want to praise my God, Hallelujah
When my Jesus Christ I behold!