Friday, February 6, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH! and Stop Making King Jesus Sad

Stop Making King Jesus Sad

Stop majoring in the minors
Stop majoring in the bad
All you’re doing by your behavior
Is making King Jesus sad!

He died to bring you victory
He died to give you new life
Yet for all of His sacrifice
You’re out there living in vice!

Beloved, the time is a coming
When all receive a share
Of what ever they cultivated
And I pray you won’t fall into despair
When you see what you’ll be receiving
For listening to one who was so deceiving
As that serpent who had long been achieving
An army full of the unbelieving!

To those who have trusted on Jesus
To those who love the Great Lord
Bright mansions await the over-comers
Who won victory through Almighty God!

Repent, repent, unbeliever
Repent you mockers of the Word
Repent now, for the night is soon coming
When all will receive their just reward!

Jesus Christ alone is able
Jesus Christ alone can save
Jesus Christ alone grants the victory
Over hell and death and the grave!

Where, Dear One, will you spend Eternity
I pray not out of the Eternal God’s light
I pray not in the lake burning with fire and brimstone
Prepared for Satan and the minions of the night!

Rejoice, sing praise, hallelujah
You children who know the Way
Home to life everlasting
Sing! Oh, how you’ll sing before the Great Throne!