Thursday, April 30, 2015

WHO or WHAT Am I? - A Puzzle

Many people deny that Jesus Christ is God Almighty!

Many people refuse to believe and accept that Jesus Christ is The Creator - I am not one of them!

He created me - bless His Name - and He created the object of our puzzle today.

Take a serious look - study, cogitate, ruminate, understand - and come to a conclusion on the identity of the object, and decide for yourself if such an object could have come out of other than Almighty Hands:

I am missing half of myself in a pack.
I can be found in a tree, in a tin, or on a shelf, and in a sack and a box.
I look like an animal and, yet, I look to be a plant, and if you bite me naturally I will break you - I can and I can't.

These are my attributes:

I am boilable, bakeable, breakable, cutable, chewable, crushable, drinkable, and sliceable.

I am brittle and still, no legs and I fill, naturally, unaided, and am practically indestructible by His will.

I leaf and I lose, and I stand where I / you choose.

I'm in a grove, or a stand, and male and female paired lover from God's Hand and we are living - not ungratefully - thankfully!

I am oil.
I'm wood.
I'm a flower - and a good hood.
I am black, red, brown, and amber light.
And in my glory, I am quite a beautiful sight.

I'm a cookie, a cake, a chair and a lake
My beauty is unbeatable
My strength is unbreakable
My price is astronomical but cheap for
My aid to health is most notable.

I am little - then big
I am a ball into a twig
And from me you can take a swig.

Who OR What am I?

Look for me, and you shall find me in the midst!