Sunday, May 10, 2015

Afraid of Satan!?!

Why are you afraid of Satan?
He can do you no harm!
He knows that his time is finite
And his run against you seems to be working like a charm!?

Remember that our Master told us
About being fearful of those who cause bodily harm?
Well, Satan can cause damage to the body, but
Your soul has an Infinity Jesus Alarm!

So, when Satan and his minions are afflicting your body
Count it all to you great bliss
To suffer affliction of your body for King Jesus
Is one more thing that you can cross off
Of the Christian Accomplishment List!

Trust Jesus - His word never fails
Trust Jesus - His resolve never quails
Trust Jesus - His Blood bought your victory
Satan has lost - and is finished - and waiting for the ending details!

Tell Old Satan that he is flogging a dead horse
That ain’t never goin' run no more!
Tell him, thanks for the stripes - no offer of Godspeed
And bless our God for Peace, Joy and entry through Eternal Life's Door!