Thursday, May 21, 2015

Around The Truth?!

Today I found out something
That made me feel real bad!
I liked being "around the truth"
And that, of course, makes Jesus sad.

Now, if I had been "in" the truth
My life would be so peaceful
But being around the truth
Allowed me to act wholly deceitful.

I put on my "stepping out in-the-truth" clothes
I put on my "walking in-the-truth" shoes
I put on my "showing myself to be in-the-truth" face
But I did not ingest the truth - nor did I seek its embrace.

I spoke great words of truth to all
I sang the songs of truth for all
I even went down by the market stalls
And that is when I had a bad taste of bitter gall.

Old Delbert was a simple man
Who knew His God and His Salvation Plan
And when he asked me to stay for a span
I should have run for he proceeded my guilty conscience-flame to fan.

Old Delbert lovingly tore me to shreds
Asking me to believe in God and not only with my head
He strongly, gently, pushed, and urged
Me to stop trusting in God by using the Bell curve.

Oh, dear, I said within my mind
If he wasn't so nice I would have cussed out his behind
For denying me my most sacred cows
Lip service, good works but no holy unto God vows.

What more does this God want from me?
I already give him my time and money!
Shouldn't I have something for myself
For after working hard I need to set me a spell!?

I must have me some "Me-time!"
No sharing, no touching, no thoughts
Of others - nor God - just leave me alone!
I gotta have me a gossip! Where my telephone?

Well, I had me my good old gossip, see
And that is when I realized that Grandma FiFi
Was writhing on the floor and reaching out for me
And that is when I screamed out for God
And realized all along that ...I ... had ... been ... a real fraud
For I wanted God to do me a good
Because I wanted, no,  needed it - not because I soundly stood
Upon His Words of Life
But because - for good or ill - I was under life's knife
And needed a friend - The True Friend - God - He
Who would do me a solid even though I was ... ungodly!

My heart in my hand!
My head in the can!
I finally realized that God ain't a Man!
Denial, disrespect, dishonor to Him I gave
But now that I'm in trouble
I want Him to save me
From hurt, grief, destruction
And I saw myself for a slave
To life, to time - I could bondage escape
If only the Truth wasn't just on the page!

Lord, help me to stand!
Please, please, forgive me!
I now understand!
Have Mercy!

Dear Ones,

Even though we take Jesus Christ for granted, He welcomes our Repentant, Humble, Sorrowful, Broken, Hearts to His Everlasting AND Forgiving Arms!

He is waiting! Call on Him! He will answer YOU!!