Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Experience Bites!

I am getting an education from Experience
A bitter Teacher who marks really hard
No marking on a curve
No essay questions I’ve observed
For the policy is Licks or Learn
Or You Lie and You Die and for The Burning You’re Held In Reserve!

I was having an itty-bitty problem with the Learn thing
When I started receiving real blows
Licks fell like rain
And the Answer became plain
But, Lord, my poor body in pain!

I, then, became Wise in my own Folly
Who could know me better than me
Until I was out playing Goosie Gander
And ended up catching Lice and Dog Fleas!

Oh, the shame, the shame, the horror
Of going back to School to face Experience, the Teacher, again
And I was in for a surprise when I said: “Experience lies!"
And Life gave me a Repeat Offender and Recalcitrant Pin!

My Shame Times Two, plus Ignorance and Follow You
Were prominent in my Class: Life Lesson Redo
But, I met Ask, Seek and Find
And ignored Look Behind
Baubles by Brain and Look Fine By Design, and
I BFF’d Prayer, Worship and God We Praise!

I linked-in Jesus Saves By His Own Sacrifice
After stumbling upon Grace and Mercy Nice
And blocked Sin Is Nice and Self-servicing Ain’t Close To a Vice
And hid shame-faced after being a rube broadcast live me on Eww-Tube!

I learned my lesson - it was hard!
To play with Death would make me a Card (carrying Fool, that is)
But I now know to Whom I belong
And I won’t be acting no more a World-Class Class-Clown!

I’ve pinned Holy Spirit, Heaven To Gain
I've Learned and I'm Saved
Walk Aright, and Don’t Misbehave!
With Righteousness I now run
And you can sing Hymn-a-ton
But I ain’t never no more from the Straight Path backing down!