Friday, May 15, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + They Could Not See Him

They could not see Him with carnal eye
For their carnal eye contained a stye
A painful stye that comes from Sin
And the only way to destroy it is with a pin from Him.

That pin is Salvation
And IT is free to all
It comes by Faith and contains Mercy
Mixed solidly by Grace with Water and Blood and The Gospel Story
And delivered by The Savior He, the King of Love
And Administered by The Holy Spirit - the Comforter from Heaven Above.

You must a word of Repentance say
You must make your Confession of His Faith clear
And into the Watery Grave you must plunge
And upon your emergence the Stye that bugged your eye will have popped
And lust to sin will have been gloriously stopped.

Then, an Angel - excelling in strength -
Will be your faithful companion until the End of Time
Recorded, no more to roll for Heaven will be unfurling
Indeed, as a scroll, there to reveal, Him that is the Hope of the Ages!


 He wasn't a joke as declared by Satan
But a King as proclaimed by Wise Men
He is King to Me and Judge to the Fool who said in his heart
"Good Gracious! What a tool, to make me some money and
Fashion me some fame!
I shall on His Altar the Good News proclaim
That riches are ready for him who will plant
A seed
In The Bank of Pay-See God - Get You A Lamp
And an oil, and a cross and a handkerchief, too
But most of all give me your money so I may see gain
And live the Life of Riley while you will live - ultimately -
In gross and eternal shame
For I have not taught you
The Truth or the Right!
I, by my masquerade, cost you Heavens Light
To be eternally lost when Him you could have found
And all because I could not Greed cast down!
Good now, gold later should have been my song
But I followed the Destroyer and turned it around!
I kept me my Stye
And I lived in a sty
And now at His coming, we will both die!
Eternal separation
Second death - be assured -
Cannot be avoided without Salvation Pure!
A Stye in the Eye will kill you!
Get to Jesus! He has The Cure!"