Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hope Revealed

Set in the Walls of Salvation
Are Beautiful Gates called Praise
Surrounding the City called Glorious
Lit by the Light of Life's Blaze.

The Residents are called Redeemed Ones
The Guardians are Angels Excelling in Strength
The Judge is He that is Righteous
And the King is He who on Calvary bled.

The Water in the City is Life-giving
Free to all, Crystal, in the shade
The homes of The Redeemed are Pure Gold
And each beholds the Face of its Savior
And the Worship of GOD amazes the Saved Soul.

Transport in the City is on Wings of Beauty
The streets are paved with gold transparent as glass,
This City is for Rest - it is the Home of The Blessed
Where the old order can never more stress nor molest.

Peace lives in The City
Hope Revealed is resident there too
And Joy Evermore is for ever chiming
And Wisdom and Understanding are on view.

I Am Amazed is always exclaiming!
Bless God is the constant refrain!
Thank You, Jesus is music resplendent
And the song Joy Is Mine is abundant and true!

A blessing for the Blessing of Discernment
Is constantly heard being applied
And Thank God for Grace is heard uttered
And also constantly and contentedly sighed.

Gratitude for Guidance is exalted
Along with Protection from Pride who is close beside
And Pray Without Ceasing, he beloved,
Is hugged so mightily for his offered relief
When the Saints were tested and tried.

With days without number before them
The Redeemed will on Glorious Journeys embark
They will find those to be thanked
For their concern, prayers, food, and kindly light
But, best of all, they will see and worship God
Whose personal commune they lost because of the Fall but
Who never ceased to love and to them call
And who from sin's curse redeemed them all.