Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Have Taken A Lover

I have taken a lover - but I am selfish.

My lover speaks to me in calm, and soothing, whispers of his love and his hope for us to spend together, Eternity.

I hear the words.

I hear him speak of the things I will perceive, the things I will receive.

I like things, but - and - I am selfish.

My lover comes to me time after time, often and again.

We walk on lush and verdant carpet, in his country home beside quiet and gentle streams.

He speaks to me of gifts, of beauty, of Love, of his willingness to sacrifice for me.

I hear the words, but I am selfish.

Today, he wants to hear my voice. He wants kind words, even a word, singing praise.

He wants to see my face in the light of his love.

He touches my head, and my bosom, and his arms enfold me.

My heart is startled, and words as prayers, of Love, of adoration, hope, glory, Love, home, Love, the light, my sight, my heart, His help, of Love at home, no loss, never alone, pour forth.

I have, heretofore, not known LOVE!


He LOVES Me bodily!

His LOVE consumes my heart for He LOVES my very Soul!

No longer am I selfish!

Realization dawns.

It's not the gifts.

I want HIM!

In my bosom is His LOVE to Me expressed.

In my head, and through my heart, by voice, is my love for Him confessed.

My head, propelled by His Heart, is thrown back in ecstasy.

I truly see Him as He is!

I am no longer tethered to time.

I am ... I have left mortality behind.

I know now, for sure, that this time, this Lover of mine, is True LOVE, and Divine.

This LOVE will last
For it is cast
In beautiful and beneficial blood
Bound by brutality
Cornered by carnality
But blessed with bounty and belief
In Christ's proficiency
In denying the Devil his dance of destruction upon me
A child of chance
Begotten in wild romance
Crazy by circumstance
Now LOVED in permanence
And awaiting the arrival of
The Cloudy Coach and Caravan
Propelled by Wings and Wonders
Wonderfully wheeling and whizzing
Captivating and calling
Justly joyous
With golden crowns
Glorious garments
Smiles and laughter
Saints singing in satisfaction, and ME
In the midst
Of the throng
Voicing glad, and prayerful, song.


We are alone, together, in One Accord.

We belong.

We are alone
Together - finally and forever
In His heavenly
Heavenly Home.

One question.

Why did I wait so long to Commit to be to Him a bride, walking side by side, earth and hell denied?