Thursday, May 7, 2015

In The Day Of Doubt

In the Day of Doubt
Yesterday, along with Past History,
History in the Making, Been There and
Done That, and Why Bother
Will join with Worry, Wonder,
Why Me, Why Now, Perhaps and
Just Because to cause you to Deny Hope
Doubt Faith, Question God and
cause you to, perhaps, Believe Belial’s lies
and Distrust Jesus’ Divinity and pastorage over your Life!

As you catch yourself, Prayers from the Past
Hope For Glory, Truth Prevails, Yesterday’s Triumphs in God
Why Worry, Prayer is Power, Sunshine In My Soul Today
Jesus Saves, Grace Is Provided, Peace That Passeth Understanding
Pray Without Ceasing and Love In Any Language
Remark that you should Find Hope In God, and remind you that there is
Victory in Jesus!

Then, as you rise from Momentary Faltering, look inside and see
No Spirit of Fear next to The Spirit of The Living God
Whose face is Serene
Whose voice is Comfort
Whose touch is Rest
Whose smell is compassion
Whose embrace is Love Divine, and realize that - though often Pressed
Stressed, Distressed, Bothered, Bewildered
Benighted and Bedevilled
Confronted, Confounded and Cursed - despite the Dizzying Array of
Devastating Deviltries designed to destroy your Deliverance to your
Divine Destination of Heaven At The Last, your Salvation is Secure
As long as you - Child Of The Living God -
Do Not Blind Your Faith by
Wearing Your Sight and
Exchanging Reason for The Feeling Which Always Fools.

The Assurance Of The Blood
That Bought/Brought Believers from Sinners To Saints
Cannot Fail!

Rest ... and Be Refreshed!
Cry .... but Don’t Deny, or you will Fry!

Jesus Christ 
- Lamb Of God ... Lion King, Judge, Jury and Executioner - 

For It All