Monday, May 4, 2015

Letter Of Application: Father? Please Use Me!

Twilight Hour, Day Before Day Before Eternity

God The. Almighty a/k/a Heavenly Father
The God Of All Graces
Court Of Heaven
Great Unknown

Re: Please Use ME!

Heavenly Father,

I offer to You my Prayers, and Grateful Praise in Worship!

Please allow me - by Grace - to boldly tell You, Father, why You should use me, for I am a reformed sinner, and a former denizen of the towns of Disrespect, Dancing On Disgrace, Denial of Self Is For Dummies, and of Life's Comforts' hamlet called Do Nothing That Is Called Good!!

I have a myriad years of wide, and varied, experience in Sinning, and have Earned and Penitential Certificates in Repentance, Confession, and Do and Be Good.

I have Associates Personal Knowledge Degrees in Would Have, Could Have, Should Have and Didn't, and many upgrade  and continuing education training units in Regrets, Lack of Self-Respect, Out Of Control, Intemperance, Worldly Wisdom and Buy A Clue.

The Love of God now constrains me BUT I have Exciting Life Experience in Doing The Wrong Thing, Guilty Pleasures, and Do What I Will Even If It Leaves Me Feeling Like Road-Kill.

You should also know that I was an Adrenaline Junkie, and always high on Life!

I have expert Knowledge in If I Ain't Lying I'm Dying.

I have eaten Thorough Vice, and have carried on an affair with What Is Life Without Spice, and I'm a past-master in Willful Self and Self-Deceit.

I wrote that No. 1 Best-selling book on Telling Cockamamie Stories, and I have personal and lengthy practice in Love Life on The Line. And, Father, to be painfully honest, Go Along To Get Along was a dear and true buddy of mine!

So, Father, please, won't use me?

Let Me be Your Instrument!

Use Me to point my familiar friend to The Golden Way, where Folly, Fame, Fancy, Fantasy, and Fortune are not fillips, and Foundation Stones of Truth mark out the Straight Path to Salvation Way.

Please know that Compensation is not an issue for me because I would work for free but The Lord, Jesus Christ, paid all my costs, and daily paves my Way.

I can do it, Father!

Please? Won't You use me?!

Reverently submitted,

Sinner Saved Fr.M. Sin
B.F.T.T. E. (Believer In The Faith To The End)
M.Sc.U.J. (Maintaining Sanity By Calling Upon Jesus)

P.S.: F.Y.I - Faith Gave Me My Victory!
P.P.S.: - Mercy and Grace Helped Me Overcome The World!