Sunday, May 24, 2015

Minus God + Pray a Prayer

Life - Christ = Death
Free Will - Responsibility = Death
High Life + Satan = Death
Gluttony + Greed = Death
Money + Access + Reach + Grasp - God = Death
What God + I Am A God = Death
Wilding + Witchcraft = Death
Drugs + Alcohol  = Death
Deviltry + Debauchery = Death
Devilish Deals + Desire + Free Will = Death

I'm A Sinner + I Need To Be Saved + Give Me Jesus = Life
Deny The World + Accept Salvation = Life
Not I + Christ = Life
Confess Sin + Confess Christ + Repentance + Baptism = Life
Grace Of God + Death Of Christ = Life
Give Him My Will + Give Him My Way + Jesus Is Mine = Life

Pray a prayer about the present
Pray a prayer to repent of the past
Pray your prayers for The Holy Jesus
And Heaven's Coming down at the Last

Pray a prayer for your friends
Pray a prayer for your enemies
Pray a prayer for Jesus to rid you
Of Sin and its myriad disease

Pray a prayer in the morning
Pray a prayer at noon and at night
Pray a prayer for Jesus' help
To Satan and his minions daily fight

Pray a prayer of thanksgiving
Pray a prayer for keen sight
Pray a prayers for eyes for only Jesus
And Satan won't find in you delight

Pray a prayer against The Predator
Pray a prayer for the lame
Pray a prayer for assistance
That Satan wouldn't find you good game

Pray a prayer and bless Jesus
Pray a prayer and Bless God
Pray a prayer and Bless The Holy Spirit
And tell them you know that Satan is a fraud

Pray a prayer to the Father
Pray a prayer in the Name of The Son
Pray a prayer under the Agency of The Holy Spirit
And soon ... you will be flying with the Saints through the clouds!