Monday, May 18, 2015


Just One!

One Heart - chose to love us
One heartbeat - says that God is Love
One voice - to speak of, and sing for, the King
One soul - to save - and He would have still died
One hell - saved for those who have Him denied
One who is Whole - and The Guardian of The Human Soul
One Love - Christ! Behold!
One hate - Satan’s perfect date
One sorrow - for sin
One date - with death
One perfect destiny - to profess and possess
One Truth - Jesus Christ IS God IS alive AND coming to Earth again
One fate - for those who fail the Blessed Test
One true call - to answer to Eternal Life
One awakening - to be glorified
One Lord - of the Ages
One God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
One baptism - the plunge into and the emergence from the watery grave
One Hope and Surety - that Jesus Christ loves His children through and through
One Heaven - the reward for not living the Lie
One hell - for denying that the Lord Jesus Christ for you died
One death-knell - guaranteed, one day
One Prayer of Belief - Lord, I'm sinner! Please save me!
One Savior - Jesus, who paid our costs
One Forgiveness - which is of God Almighty
One vow - to see God in Eternity
One Mediator - between God and Man
One Shepherd - of The Sheep
One Father - of All
One Son of The Father - who was sent to seek and to save
One Holy Spirit - which was sent to comfort and teach
One Sabbath - called Holy and Sanctified
One Alpha - Jesus Christ
One Omega - Jesus Christ
One First-fruit - of ALL
One Revelation - of God’s Glory
One Way - to God
One say - my Spirit-activated conscience's own
One to pay - Him to whom our life is owed
One grave - the silent, temporary, dusty bed
One glory - to which we are by Faith led
One life - to live for and through Christ
All One

O ur weak sight
N eeds God's
E verlasting Light to see to
F ight the
I gnoble deeds of
G reed and gluttony, and the gross grains and groundings of
H ate is healthful and
T emptation is terrific transport to sin without shame.