Thursday, May 14, 2015

PRAYER: Lord, At This Very Moment

Lord, I offer you my life as my story for examination. Will You correct it and direct me in its continuation?

I come before you as a Child and a Willing Student, and I am prayerfully open to Your Direction.

Would you please correct my use of the language, my thought process, my punctuation, and my beliefs, and please add anything else - even a character builder - if it will cause my final grade to be the Mark of Perfection.

Where there is error, please put a full stop to it, and add in the Spirit of Correction and Direction.

Where there is a stray mark indicating my lack of focus and confidence, put a "Don't Do It!" period mark, and put in The Way-mark for Erasure of Sin and Indecision, and re-calibrate my Compass and make plain The Destination on My Mission Map.

Where there are deeds of love and compassion and caring, please put a "Well Done!" exclamation point for Good and Faithful Servants, and add in a song to cheer me on as I continue on The Way.

Where there is fear and failing, put a "Why Do You Doubt?" question mark and cover it with The Blood, and add a "God Can!" booster.

Where there are prayers and praise honoring and glorifying you, Lord, put a sign of Peace and Protection in Jesus.

And if my story has an "And The Night Cometh," please put the Mark of The Overcomer on the final page of stone, and a "Welcome Home, Child!" as the Victor's grade.

Lord, in it all, though I ask in my understanding, I plead with You to fulfill all according to Your Will for my life, for I know that You are Able and will do what is best for me.

Lord, my confidence is in You, and I love you and worship You in faith. Amen.