Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pssst! What Are YOU Wearing?!

What type clothing do you wear?
Clothing of Honor, clothing of Disrepair?
A little bit tattered, a little bit dark
Or perhaps like a rainbow as appeared across from the ark?

Perhaps a bit sedate?
Flamboyant - is that you?
Is your outward apparel showing you true
Or is it camouflaging a spirit in need
Or perhaps it is covering a spirit of faith and good deeds?

We are what we eat!
We shout we are what we wear
BUT is the outward display
Covering the inward working today?

Public life private reality
Turn it over - Turn it around
Are you true to yourself
Or perhaps you're living your life upside down?

Pretty and clean clothes speak of dignity!
Tattered and unkempt speak of indignity!
Do you meditate to mediate
Or do you mediate to machinate?

Do you hate and hurt
Or comfort and love?
Are you inspired by God or
Do you conspire against God?
Or are you wearing brass knuckles
In soft and white kid gloves?

Do you fear the Lord or do you jeer the Lord?
 Do you share or do you cause despair?
Do you mitigate or do you litigate?
Do you defy and lie?
Do you you conspire and try?

Are you a pest that tests?
Are you a flower that congests?
Are you getting your chores for the Lord done
Or are you indulging in whoredoms?

Do you toil for good or do you foil real good?
Do you spread words of faith or spew words of distaste?
Are you a worker worthy of hire or a worker one can't wait to fire?
Is your smile a guile or is your guile a smile?

Do you offer a rope of hope
Or is your offer of hope a rope?
Are you grabbing Grace
Or are you hiding your face?

Are you living a lie?
Are you lying to live?
Are you dying for a cry?
Are crying to die?
Are you looking to the Eastern Sky or are you being distracted by that Evil Tsetse fly?

So... what clothing are YOU really wearing today?