Saturday, May 16, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH - The Comfort of The Pacifier + Prayer: Lord, Let Me

I had a pacifier
Thumb Left it was by name
He was the very best friend I had
And he was always ready for a game.

Our most favorite game was called Comfort
Oh, how often we indulged
We did not need to have an upset
All it took was a touch look smell of Love.

When Comfort was being savored
You would not image the bliss
For the taste was indescribable
Even without added starch, color, preservative or fill.

Well, Thumbie served me well when I was childlike
But as I grew I needed to play Comfort less and less
Until finally with age, I entered upon Grown Persons Stage
And Thumbie was placed on Put Away Childish Things Page.

Today, I no longer have a pacifier for Comfort
I have a Comfort called Jesus for Joy
And, oh, what challenges we've conquered and walked through
Oh, the petty things set aside all because of Joining Jesus for Joy!

The hardest by far were Savior Calling
Acknowledge Sin, Confession Is Good for the Riven Soul
Repenter's Baptism Is Glorious
And By Faith Saints Always Follow Through.

Today, Jesus woke me up and told showed me
The new journeys upon which we are embarked
He said Follow God, Spirit Lead
Satan's The Fraud, Deny Flesh, and Take a Stand
Were precursors to Final Not Fantasy, and Arrival in Beulah Land.

Jesus promised that hard though these journeys will be
With Him I shall overcome and be free
And will have Heaven's Rest for Eternity
Where, Love knows no bounds
The Grounds of Heaven will stun and astound
Taste will amaze
Light of God will there blaze
And Ecstasy will not be passing or a phase.

Dear Lord,
Help me not to preach 
Peace with a sword nor
Love with a fist nor
Hope with a heel nor 
Healing with hunger 
Instead, Lord
Let me 
Show and share Your Divine Light in the Darkness
Let me
Point the People to the safety of Your Ark
As I sing of Your Mercies as the Lark!
Oh, Lord, bless and keep me faithful by Your Grace
For I ask this in the name of Him who is Faithful
Jesus Christ, the King. 
I love You, Lord.