Saturday, May 2, 2015


I am painting a picture of Jesus
I am using brush strokes little but big
I am painting great swathes of color
With a palette knife broad but a twig

There is a touch of black that is bright red
There is a touch of green that is the mustard of grief
There is a touch of yellow that is heavenly sunshine
And a bit of gold that is faith and relief

My painting has infinite borders
The mountains so high are really low
The rivers that flow are solid crystal
That refresh and give life but not cold

The meadows soft green are body comforting
The central tree a death cross that brings life
The main road the only road to the town of Crucifixion
That pass through  hamlets of Trouble, Oppression and Strife

And, now, the piece de resistance:

The central figure of my personal painting is the King
Jesus Christ - Immanuel
The hair on his head is as white wool
The eyes are filled with compassion
As deep as infinite time mixed with moon and
Multiplied with sun and stars shining with fire bright light

The brow is high and marred, dignified and royal
The cheeks are stately offering space for a touch from this child
The mouth is tilted up, firm, strong, gentle
With a shape called Word Everlasting
The nose makes the face look, well, like a face
All in all, the face itself is not even close to comely to the worldly eye
But its depth of presence draws one in, pace by pace

Try all I will, I can't paint Eternal Peace
I can't paint Burden for the Human Soul
I can't paint Depth of Divine Sacrifice
I can't paint Essence of The Holy God
I can't paint Sold For Thirty - Betrayed By My Familiar Friend
I can't paint Sin of All Ages burned into His Human God Being
I can paint what it personally means to accept His Gracious Offering
But I can't paint what it means "Heaven's the Goal!"

I've changed my mind - I no longer need a canvas
To place a picture of my Jesus - perpetual - upon
I will just read my Bible - John 3:16
And walk around each and every day singing Redemption's song
For God IS LOVE!

Mine, mine, mine
Jesus is mine
Today, every day
I might die - but one great day
The trumpet will sound
I'll put off the mortal night's gown
And will wing my way - I'll be immortal - to Jesus
With the Heaven-bound throng!