Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Applied Grace!

I Follow Christ for Love -  Not Fear!
I Follow Christ in Hope -  Not Because of a Dare!
I Follow Christ
Because His Love for Me IS On Perpetual Display
And Not Because
It's The Fashion
Worn By Friends and Family on Special Days!

My Love For Christ Is Real
And Right 
And Is Revealing
My Answer Back
To Him Who Loves Me First!

I Feed On Him
Who Daily Tends and Feeds Me
Who - By My Life -
Had Dearly Cost Him His
After He Had Left His Home
My Sin -  and All Man's -  to Atone
So That We In The Fullness of Time
Could Face The Father 
In The Eternal Home!

I Love The Lord Christ
Today,  Tomorrow,  Forever
For I Have Proven Him 
Able, Honest and True!

His Mercies To Me
Are Daily and
Always Ever New
By Faith
With Hope
Applied Grace 
Constant, Constant Mercy
I Shall One Day
Receive The Blessing of 
The Refreshing Dew!