Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NEWS FLASH: Mankind Is Unremittingly Wicked!!

As This Thesis will have You to Know
The Wickedness of Man
Did Exponentially Grow
From as Far Back as The Time of Noah!
Mankind is Unremittingly Evil, and
His Every Action This Very Clearly Shows!

Covetousness is The Lively Steed
Stealing a Man's Life
Profiting By Greed
If Poison Herbs
Your Neighbor's Flocks You Must Feed
What Is The Problem
When You His Pasture Needs!?

Lust Loved A Woman!
Lust Loved A Man!
Lust Loved Lusting
After Uncle Mary and Aunt Dan!
Lust is for Living
Even if it Means Associating
With Goats and Rams
And Even Destroying
Fluffy Little Innocent Trusting Helpless Lambs!

Man is Evil!
Look to Today!
Kill Your Mother and
Massage Her Heart
As You Pray
Unto Old Satan
Murderer-Deceiver Extraordinaire!
It is No Loss for 
Allegiance Dues 
To Satan 
Must Be Paid!

BUT ...

There Is A Remnant
Always Was
Who, To THAT Old Satan
Will Never Bow Nor Kneel!
The Faithful
The Righteous
The Honest
Those Poor who
With Much Patience
For Christ - The Open Door
To Make His Grand Entrance
Not as a Babe
Nor as a Sacrifice but
As Everlasting King
With All The Host of Heaven who
On White Horses Ride!

Jesus Christ The King Comes 
To Claim Reward The Hopeful
To Punish Reward Those Who Denied
That Jesus Christ IS - Himself - God
The Shepherd
The Creator
The Lord of The Blessed
The Destroyer of The Craven
The Restorer Of Fallen Man, and
The Builder of The Eternal Home
Who Lovingly Provides for
All Who Will Be His Own!

Man is Straight-up Evil!
Jesus IS Returning and
He Ain't No Way Going to be Late!
Get Your House in Order
Get Your Affairs Straight
Good Bad or Indifferent
Every Man Has His Own Personally Decided Fate!

Turn Away From Sin!

Turn To The True and Living Eternal God!