Saturday, December 19, 2015

Real Love IS Godly Action!

In The Way of The Way
Today, I Must Say
That There be Those
Who Walk in a Way where Christian Growth is Mere Play
Take Heart, Dear Brethren
We have All Been THAT Way
Our Ingesting, Digesting Expressing
The True Love of Jesus
Removes Us From The Way of Decay!

Which Confronts Us All
Love of Lotta Long Talk!
We See a Brother Sister Struggling
All We Do is
Gawk and Talk!

Is a Disaster in The Word
For  Many of Us
Are Guilty of
Squawk and in Our Own Faces
We up Spit Hawk
And at Doing The Do, Do Valiantly Balk!

Is Loving The Idea of Love
The Love So Unbiblical
It is Best Called Stub-Love
It Is a Love Abominated
Full of "Love" by Good Works
Far Removed from The Love of Jesus Christ
Builder of The Waiting Heavenly Home
Creator of Man and The Earth!

Stub-Love is Amazing!
It Reeks of Expense!
It Glows with Ostentation!
It Gurgle as it Vents!
It Gloats in Vainglory!
Devoid of Agape from The Amen!
It Emits The Stench of
Self -  Not The Savior
For it Gleams With and In
The Praise of Like-minded
Companions and 
False Fake Fast Funny Friends!

I Won't Belabor The Topic
But I'll Tell You Plain
This Behavior Profits No One
All It Will Earn Us is 
A Lotta Hot Flames
For The Master Is Plain
His Requirement Direct
Faith Plus Hope 
Minus Charity

So ...
Dear Ones
Blessed Loved Ones
Let Our Love For Our Fellow Man
Be Not Vain Show!
Let Our Walk Be Evidenced
By The True Growth
In Our Now Redeemed Soul
Which Knows By Sorrow From Experience
That "Out There"
But for God's Grace Walk We!
Let Us As True Christians
Remove The Old Corinthian Flea!
Let Us Not Be Tinkling Cymbals!
Let Us Not Be Loud Brass
And, Please
Don't Be Greedy Ignorant
Making God Haul Out
The Talking Ass
If You Remember Right
The Ass had The Armed Angel in his Beady Eye-sight
But Greedy-for-Gain-and-Glory
Recognized Not
His Dire Deadly Plight!

Love With All Heart

The Living Loving God!

Live With All Heart
Love Your Brethren Light and Dark
Whether in The Sheep Fold
Out In The World Cold!

Love IS Action!

Loving IS Doing!

What, Then, Is Our True Christian Reaction?