Thursday, December 10, 2015

THE ETERNAL CURE: Sin Comes A' Calling!

Sin is All Around Us!
Sin Goes By Very Many Fanciful Names!
Sin Wears Sophisticated Garments, and
Struts About - Day and Night
Wearing Expensive Dark Glasses Sun Shades!

Sin Is Familiar To Sinners!
Sin Is Well-known To Now-Saints!
Sin Is On The Commodity Market, and
Sin Is Even Carrying Holding Out Church Offering Plates!

Sin Has An Advertising Agency!
Sin Has A Merchandising Team!
Sin Has An Electronic Game Board!
Sin Holds State Town Country City Elections!
Sin Has Rockets, Horses,  Jets and Gold-plated Banana Peels, and
Sin Is A Beautiful "Circumspect" Woman 
Wearing Expensive Garments and High Heels!

Sin Has Friends and Enemies which State
Makes No Difference To Sin!
Sin Is Really Wicked Unjust!
Sin Lives Laughs and Lures The Unwary With Lust, and 
When They Are Lost
Asks Maliciously:

"Well,  Now? What's Created This Great Big Little Fuss!"

Sin Is A Malignancy!
Sin Is As Cancer In Man's Flesh!
When Sin Is Conceived 
Sin Burrows
Sin Crawls
Sin Spreads
Sucking Life's Blood
Strangling Vitality 'n Life
Trying It's Best To Kill The Host
Though Knowing Full Well
That Killing The Host
Will Kill Sin Dead As The Proverbial Door-Post!

"Big Deal!" says Sin
"There're More Like Them
Waiting On Cracking Tree Limbs To Perform My Vice!"

"I AM Sin!"
I AM The Master Of Deception! 
I AM The Pretty Polished Poseur
Peddling Posies from
Putrid to Plain!"

"I AM The Purveyor Of Phantasms
Poison Parties Pens and Pins, and
Pointy Pebbles Poking Pinkie-Toes
And ... Believe It Or Not
My Personal Favorite Has Got To Be 
Rusty Nails In Ill-fitting Shoes With 
Hidden In Plain View Open Holes!"

"I Do Not Care About You!
I Just Want To Destroy You and 
Keep You From Holding On To The Holy Christ Jesus
The Only Savior Who Sacrificially Loves Man!"

"Seriously, Friend! I Really Do Not Care About You!
I Just Want You and Me To Special-Touch!
I Just Want You To Hold-Squeeze Me!
I Want You To Trustingly Loyally Lovingly Console Enfold Me!"

Secretly Satisfy 
Intense Internal 
Natural Needs!

So, You Need To Get A Grip
Give Me A Feed!

Just Give Me A Little Seed
Watch Me Grow!
Then ... Lo 
I Shall Be Your King!

I Shall Be Your Master
Even If I Have To 
Block You
Tackle You 
Put You In Traction
In A Whole-Body Plaster!

Won't You Please Love Me A Little
Even Though I Can't Love You Back?"


Sin-Loving Is The Insanity

Propagated by 
Sophisticated Lies 
Vacuous Inanities

Sold By Scent

Packaged By Charm

Sorted By Alarm

Causes Great Harm


Celebrations Held 


Eternal-Dead Lodge Happy Farm!

Shun Sin!

Seek Jesus!

Save Your Soul!