Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time ... Is Getting Late!

No Need to Fear
The Dreadful News
That Man - Depraved
Is on The Loose!
This, My Dear Ones
Simply does Prove
The Prophetic Fulfillment
Of The Good News!

The Low-Depraved Soul
The Self-loving Hoard
The Ungrateful Heart
The Brute-beast Mind
Outside The Safe Ark
Openly Point
To God's Light in The Dark
Where God's People
May Enjoy Peace's Song
As They to Jesus Christ's Word Hark!

Give You No Heed
To Christian Hate
Except to Acknowledge
That Time is Getting Late
Stand Fast in Jesus' Faith
Trust,  Hope and Wait
God will Abandon
The Reprobates
To their Just Fate!

Work by Faith!
Work Your Faith!
Faithfully Work
But Set No Date!
Jesus IS Returning and
He Won't Be One Moment Late!
Get Set and Be Ready
He's Even Now at Your Heart's Gate!

Please Fix Your Mind
On Things Divine
Not Earthly Things
That Heat The Mind
That Leave The Body
Making The Pleasures of Things Its Goal
But Leave The Soul Corrupt and Cold!

Make Haste! Make Haste!
Night is Coming Fast
When Good is Well and Truly Out-Cast
And Time for Work is Eternally Past!

Work Now - Teach and Pray
Appeal To The Wicked Hearts
While it is Still Day
Before The Word
Is Uttered
"However He IS Let Him Forever Stay!"
And Jesus Christ Bursts The Clouds
And Rewards Tom,  Dick
Harry and Every Sister Brother!

Do Not Fear 
What Man Can Do 
To Your Body!

Fear What The Living God 
- Who Created The Man -
Can Do!