Monday, December 14, 2015

TRUTH SPEAKS: Every Day Is Not As Today! + PRAYER: Let My Hope In Jesus Ever Hold Sway!

Truth Spoke Her Piece: "Peace Is In Jesus Christ!"
Hearer Did Not Listen!
Hope Called a Vote, and
Courage Called for Action
Who Knew Not The Way
Nor Knew How to Pray, and
Behaved As If
Every Other Day Is As Today!

Pride Is Aggressive
In The Face of Humble Hope!
Courage Is Amazing
For He Is - By Faith
Learning to Cope!

Hunger Is Hampering
The Walk Into Truth, and 
Necessity is Dealing
With The Intense Pain
Found in The Loose Tooth
That Demands
Total Attention, and 
Won't Hear
Of The Facts
The Fabrications nor
The Outright Lies in The Air
Where True Truth and
Long Lies are  Compared, and 
One Has The Need
For Spiritual Ears!

Truth Speaks!
Hearer Listens
There is Now-Known Fear
Among The Assembled
Grace - Herself - Appears
Pointing To Hope
While Looking At The Strife
She Holds Out 
Leading to Eternal Life!

Truth Speaks!
Stony Heart Creaks!
Deaf Ears Waste Leak!
Blind Eyes Peak
Weary Legs ... Though Weak
Find Courage in The Spirit
Humbly Speak:

Dear Lord, Most Holy
I Bow Before You and Pray
That My Hope in King Jesus
Will Forever Hold Sway!
My Courage is Faltering, and
My Body is Near to Break!
Lift Me Up and
Protect Me,  Lord
From The Petty Pretty Snake
Who Preys on My Weakness
Who Tries to Hinder Me From Pray
Who is Always Underfoot
Telling Me That Partying Pays -
Not Abstention
Not Rejection
Nor Refusal To Play!
Please Tell him, Dear Father
From Me to Get Away!
I've Been There!
I've Done That, and
I've Got The Tee-shirt and The Scars!
Father, Please Save Me for
I want to Live With You and 
Travel Through The Vastness Of Space
Amongst The Myriad Stars!
Please Give My Hope Courage 
To Act On Your Unfailing Love for
I Truly Love You, Lord!