Saturday, December 12, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: God Personally Contends for His People's Loyalty!

A Young Prophet
As Called Of God
Had Youthful Strength and Agility
Lacked The Experience and Authority
Which Came With The Passing Of the Years!

Time Travels On ...

This Prophet - As One Faithful
Lived An Honorable Life
Often Fell Into Dishonor
For Calling "The Good Life" A Lie!

Said Prophet Fell Into Disfavor
With The Lofty and Lowly Alike
For Delivering The Message
That The Living God Has Eternal Sight!

Our Faithful True Prophet
Had - with His God - A Good Report
With The "Good" People
Who Choose Willful Ignorance
The Comfort Of The Ostrich's Head
Gave The Poor Prophet
A Very Bad Report Instead!

All Messengers and Ministers Of God
Maintain Their Personal Godly Integrity
God Personally Contends for His People's Loyalty!
Man - At This Time - Falls into The Hands of God
With Continued Disobedience 
Dismissal Of God's Word
The Living God Allows Us
To Fall into The Hands of Men
Who Become The Rod Of God!


The Rod of God Enforces
What The Word of God Explains!


The Holy Spirit Opens The Ear and Heart 
Accept Instruction and Correction!

God Did Nothing Without Telling His Servants
Those Worthy Prophets of Old
Who Cried Lamented and Pleaded
For God's People to Remain With God 
Who Graciously Provided for Those who
His Precious Word Straightly Heeded!

Prosperity is No Indication of God's Favor!
Poverty is No Indication of God's Curse!
Problem is Like So Many Others
Man Believes Quite The Lying Reverse!

Have We Not Seen Oh, So Often
Outer Beauty Hiding An Internal Rotten Putrid Dead Core?
Have We Not Seen Runny Icing on Hot Ginger Bread
Bright Gold Covering Dead Lead?

So ... 

It Is Today With God's People!
Sumptuous Prosperity
Covering An Inner Dead Core!
Praise So Polluted It's Mind-boggling
"Worship" Dressed-Up Like An Blousy Common Street Whore!

Have We Not Learnt Anything from Hosea?
Have We Not Been Counseled by Jeremiah's Lament?
Are The Only Lessons Relevant Those of Isaiah's Immanuel,  and
Ezekiel's Chariots with Wheels Not By Human Hands Bent?

Will We Not See?
Will We Not Hear?
Will We Not Learn
From Jesus Christ 
That The Holy God Cares
About His People
That They Holy Remain
So That In The Coming Judgment
They Won't Go Down In Flames?!


A Pig In A Palace
A Pig Still Remains!
A Pig In Pearls and Bouncy Curls
IS Still
A Pig which Always Returns to his Hole
To Wallow and To Rut
To Root and To Grunt Squeal!
Do The Wrong Thing 
Pig's Wrath
You Will Surely Intensely Feel!

The Point Here is Simple:

  • Dressing As A Woman Doesn't Change A Man Into A WoMan! (Truth IS Truth)
  • Following Another Gospel Won't Make You A Christian Saved! (Lie IS Lie)
  • Christianity Based On Felt Needs Will Not Lift Jesus Up (Flavor IS Feisty)
  • Baubles and Beads Will Not To God Lift You Up! (You Lie AND You Die)

If You Call Yourself A Child Of God
Cut Off The Pair
Bow To God's Sovereign Will
He Will Your Lowly Life Fill!