Friday, January 8, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + God's Mercy Is ... FREE!!

Mercy On The Scale
Is Given As One Doth Hope!
This Matter Is One Serious
To The Unbeliever for
How Will He In Dread Times Cope?!?

I Was Once The Unbeliever!
I Had No Faith Of My Own!
I Was The Believer By Proxy
And Proximity To My Granny's Belief
In The God Reigning On Heaven's Throne!

With The Passage of Time
And Old Granny
I Needed To Own My Own Faith
To Face My Own Known Fears
And It Was At This Time Of Decision
That The Words In Granny's Gift Bible Did To Me
In My Reality Did Appear!

18 Behold, the eye of the Lord 
is upon them that fear him, 
upon them that hope in his mercy;
22 Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, 
according as we hope in thee.
Psalms 33:18, 22 KJV

I Feared The Eye Looking!

I Was Fearful Of What The Eye Was Seeing!

I Was Frightened Of My Fear
For I Remember Granny Saying,  Repeatedly:

"Jesus IS The Friend Of Little Children! "


I Was Then Wondering:

"Jesus?  Would You Be My Friend?!"

But,  then,  Being Human,  and
Knowing Earthly Friends,
I Wondered Oh,  So,  Sadly:

"What Do I Have, or Own, To Give
To Make Jesus Want To Be My Friend?!?"

Then, Yet,  Again, The Words In Granny's Gift  Bible:

"Hope Thou In God!"

"God Be Merciful ... TO ME ... A Sinner!"

"Pray Without Ceasing!"

This One Is Special for, to me, It Is:

"Pray Without Seeing!"

My Then Child's Mind Always Mouthed It Thus:

"Pray Without Seeing!"

Praying To The God That I Could Not See
For Something I Could Not See Myself Receiving!!


I Understand!

I  NOW Understand Granny's FAITH In The Unseen All-Knowing God!

Granny Tried Her Best To Teach Me ...!

Then,  There was This Constant Plea From My Old Curly-Haired Granny:

"Lord,  Have Mercy!"

"Lord, Jesus,  Have Mercy!"
"In Jesus' Holy Name,  Lord,  Have Mercy!"
"Lord,  Have Mercy On Me!
"Mercy,  Lord!  Mercy!"

Granny Used To Petition Heaven With Such Intense Faith That It Used To Make My Skin Crawl!

Then,  I  Understood, and Finally Realized that:


22 Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, 
according as we hope in thee.
Psalm 33 - KJV

Today,  I Need Almighty God,  Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit!

I Need To Be Settled in My Spirit ...!

I Need Hope To ...!

I Need Mercy To ...!

I Need Help In ...!

And,  It Is In This Moment -  Of Need - And Needing All The Powers Of Heaven At My Head, In My Heart, To Carry Me, That The Words In Granny's Gift Bible,  Again,  Saved Me!

The Words, in Psalm 33 Verse 22 Made Me!!

I Was To Have As Much Mercy As I Had Hope In God!!

I Was Being Weighed In The Balances!

Suddenly,  I Was Crying!

"Lord, Jesus, Let Me Be Not Found Wanting!"

"Lord, Please Let Your Kingdom Not Be Finished For Me!"

The Scales ...!
My Heart ...!
My Head ...!
My Hands ...!
My Feet ...!

My Hope?!?

If I Want Mercy
I Need Hope!

If I Need Abundant Mercy
I Need Abundant Hope!

That Day Into Night
Unto Morning Sunlight
I Spent With The Master!
My Tears? - They Shone Bright
As With The Grace In Fond Memory
I Placed On The Scale
All The Blessings Received
In Hope
In All The Passing Days Years!

With The Blessing Of God's Spirit
And My Hope In Jesus' Faith
My Time At The Throne Of Grace
Knocked The Scale Out Of Place
For The Hope Had Within It
Mustard Seeds One or Two
And Granny's Blessing of Teaching
The Words In That Gift Bible
Were Seeing Me Through!

In My Day of Discovery
In My Walk With My God
My Hope Is Springing Eternal
And By God's Abundant Mercy
I'm Having No Truck With The Fraud!

God's Free Mercy
Is Free To You And Me
A Call
A Prayer
A Shout
Even Without A Care or Fear!

God's Mercy 

Is Always

Satisfying and FREE


Satisfyingly FREE


Freely Satisfying


FREE to Access


Satisfying in The Excess!!


God's Free Mercy 
Over All The World!!