Friday, January 22, 2016

HAPPY SABBATH + PRAYER: Grant Us Strength, Lord!

Oh, Father,
We Come Before You
As Supplicants and Penitents
Thankful For Grace
Pleading For Mercy!

Have Mercy, Lord
On The Helpless
The Hopeless
The Careless
The Lawless!

Have Mercy, Lord,
On The Wild
The Defiled
The Beguiled
The Spoiled!

Have Mercy,  Lord
On The Wretched
The Frowned Upon
The Soul With No Place To Belong
The Heart Which Has Lost Its Peace and Its Song!

Have Mercy,  Lord,
On The Fool Who Says
There Is No God!
On The Faithful
Whose God Is The Lord!
On The Wicked
Who Daily Sow Discord
On The Soul Seeking
To Be Shuck Of The Old Fraud!

Have Mercy,  Lord
On The Wired
On The Tired
On The Soul From Work Just Fired
On The Soul Whose Feet Are In Sin Mired!

Grant Us, Lord
Who Daily Seek Your Face
Courage For The Journey
Strength For The Race
Grant Us The Strength Of Will
To Walk Ever In Your Way
So That At The Last Day
We Won't Be Cast Out In Eternal Disgrace!

Bless Us, Father!

Do For Us What Is Best For Us
In Your Eternal Sight
No Matter Our Distress At Our Mortal Outcome
Help Us To Stand Firm
In Jesus Christ's Faith
So That We Will Attain Heaven's Promised Rest!

Bless Us, Lord, As Only You - Our Holy God - Can!

Oh,  How Your People Love You
Trust You
Reverence You, Lord!