Sunday, January 3, 2016

I Go To God!

My God - The Eternal God - Will:

Save Me
Judge Me
Search Me
Bless Me
Teach Me
Guide Me
Guard Me
Carry Me
Comfort Me
Shield Me
Seal Me
Prove Me

Send Me Out On His Service



He Will Redeem Me


He Will Take Me ... HOME!!

In The Quiet Moment
I Mediate
I Pray
I Commune
With My Heavenly Father
Be It Morning
Night or

I Think On The Heavenly Father
I Say My Prayers To The God Of Love!

We Talk - Back and Forth!
It is Quite Normal
We Listen to Each Other
Out of Pure Love!

My Love For My Lord
Is Unequal!
It Can Never Equal Itself To His Love For Me
For My God and His Love Are Infinite
My Love Is Only As Big As 
Mortal Little Dust Like Me!

When I Think Of God and His Provision
Of Sight
Touch and Smell
I Think of His Amazing Energy
And It Is Definitely Not Like That Found 
In A Man-made Battery Cell!

When I Pray To My God
I Make My Father Acquainted 
With My Hope, Wants, Needs, and Dreams
My Sorrows,  Cares and Fears!
He Knows Them Already - That is NOT The Issue!
I Believe That He Cares
And Will My Burdens Bear
And Me With Blessings Fill
As He My Seeking Heart Prepares and Thrills!

When I Commune with My Master
It Is Because I Expect Something To Receive!
I Always Go To Him With My Head, Heart and Hand Open
Fully Expecting to Be Fed!

I Believe I Believe As An Innocent Babe Does
That My Father God Will For My Benefit Perform!
I -  as yet -  Do Not Know How He Performs His Great Feats
I Know That With Him Near
I Will Always Be Safe
Standing Firm
On Rooted Grounded Narrow Path Straight-Walking Feet!

I Go To God
That I know That He Is Faithful!
Knowing That I Know That He Is Real!
Knowing That I Know - Come Hell Or High Water
That My God Will Not Permit 
My Hope in His Word
By A Lie from His Lips
To Be Cast Down or
Even Derailed!

My God IS God!
My God is Truth!
My God is Light!
My God is Right
In Sunlight
In Nightlight
In Heaven
On Earth
Under Earth and
In The Sea!
The Heavens Declare It!
My Hearts Accepts It!
God's Spirit Confirms It!
Jesus Christ Stands For It
Is Good Enough ... For Me!

I Go To God!