Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Life For Old!

New Lives for Old!
Warm Hearts for Cold!
Love for Hate!
Peace Now for The Sorrow In Your Gate!
It's Not Yet Too Late!

Home for The Alone!
Rest for Those Who Roam!
Salvation from Jesus Christ
Who Died For Our Sin to Atone!
Come Now! 
You Will Never More Be Again Alone!

True Freedom - Just Ask!
Immortality At The Archangel's Trumpet Blast!
Dead In Christ Rise First, and
The Alive Will Join Fast
Wing To The Glorious Kingdom
Which Shall Eternal Last!

New Life With Christ!
We'll See His True Face When Sin Is Out Cast
No More Cloudy Through The Dark Looking Glass
When We Receive New Life for 
Having Given Up The Old At The Last!